Wednesday, 22 June 2016



Makame Silima
Wingwi Constituency, Pemba. At around ten o’clock last night at the square where residents usually gather to watch TV in Kinazini, two police vehicles carrying masked and armed assailants (mazombi)  appeared suddenly, and the mazombi began to beat the people there with clubs, sticks, and stingray tails*. Because the attack was sudden and unexpected, the mazombi succeeded in assaulting four of our supporters:
1.ALI SULEIMAN SAID, 27. When I met with him, he was not seriously injured, and his condition was good.
2.FATMA JUMA HAMAD, 25. When I spoke with her, she explained that she was beaten, and had sustained an injury to her face, as can be seen in the photo.
She also said that she was beaten in the chest and was hurt there.
3.ALI OMAR HASSAN, 52. This elder was beaten on the arm and chest. This happened as he was coming back to Kinazini from Kiungoni, when, on the way, he was attacked by thugs who beat him with clubs and stingray tails.
4.HAMAD ABDALLA ALI, 48.  Secretary of the Kinazini chapter, he was beaten on his arms with a stingray tail, but said that the swelling had gone down.

Mizingani. In this area, too, the thugs went to BARAKA ALI’s shop at about ten-forty pm.  Here, Mianzini residents gather to watch TV. They were attacked and fled. Two people remained, including the shop owner himself, and OTHMAN HEMED ABDALLA, 30.
The shop owner was not touched at all. He is a retired soldier. The mazombi turned all of their fury on OTHMAN, who was beaten five times with a club – four times on the back, and once in the head.
According to his statement, when he was hit four times on the back he was still conscious, but the blow to his head caused him to completely lose consciousness.

He suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure, and his health is very poor, which is why he was unable to flee. I have included pictures above.
After this beating, they headed to Kiungoni village as explosions could be heard from there.
What happened in Kiungoni will be reported by the stakeholders of that district.
At the conclusion of our interviews, I advised [the people I had spoken with]  to take everyone who had been hurt to the hospital, first stopping at the police station to pick up form PF3*
As I write this article at the courthouse in Konde, I have heard that all the wounded have arrived at the police station, brought there by the area ambulance, and that they had received the PF3s. I then advised that they make copies of these forms, because they can be taken from them.

*the use of manta ray tails as weapons used in beatings was common during the Zanzibar Revolution of 1964 as well as during slavery.

*Police Form PF3 must be filled out by a police officer. The PF3 must be presented to medical staff for an injured or wounded person to receive medical treatment.

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