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Mwinyi wants parties to propagate policies
Daily News; Sunday,January 04, 2009 @21:03

Mwinyi wants parties to propagate policies
Mwinyi wants parties to propagate policies
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Retired President Ali Hassan Mwinyi has cautioned political parties campaigning at the Mbeya Rural parliamentary by-election to propagate their respective party policies, instead of fictitious issues to enable the electorate vote for candidate who will spearhead their development.

Kicking off campaigns for Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) at Ilembo ward, Mbeya District here yesterday, Mr Mwinyi, warned against the use of abusive language, defamatory and discriminatory statements, saying they were bent to distract the existing peace and unity among Tanzanians.

Mr Mwinyi said while many other African countries have experienced turmoil, tribal wars and other evils during elections, good policies had enabled Tanzania to remain a peaceful and stable country. He said politicians should demonstrate maturity by conducting themselves in a manner which will enable voters understand the meaning of multi party democracy and whom they should vote for.

He appealed to Mbeya residents to vote for the CCM candidate in the race, Rev Luckson Mwanjale saying he was the right man to spearhead what the late Richard Nyaulawa had started. He said the CCM government was doing a good job earning praise from within and outside the country. ''Kulikoni newspaper is not owned by the ruling party CCM or the government but on January 2, this year, it praised President Kikwete government for work it is doing” Mr Mwinyi said.

CCM Secretary General, Yusuf Makamba, warned the opposition to stop issuing threats against CCM members and leaders saying everybody should observe rules and regulations governing the campaigns to make the by-election free and fair. He was speaking during the same occasion which saw candidates that failed in the CCM preliminaries also campaigning for the party candidate. Mr Mwinyi flew back to Dar es Salaam yesterday afternoon.

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