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Kenya Election analsysis of ethinic politics.

Preseident Kenyatta and his foe former Prime minister PrRaila Odinga Image result for orange democratic movement

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First President of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta and his Vice President Jaramogi Oding Odinga below.

KANU- or the Kenya African National Union is a political party in Kenya that was organized in 1960. Jomo Kenyatta was the leader of this party and advocated for a strong socialist government. After Kenya Achieved independence in 1963 KANU absorbed many of the other opposition parties, mainly the Kenya African Democratic Union which was the major opposition party in the first elections. In 1974 it became a requirement to be a member of KANU to run for a public office, thus creating a one party state.

After Kenyatta died in 1978 he was succeeded by Daniel Moi who continued to keep Kenya a one party state until domestic and international pressure forced change in 1991. Even then, KANU maintained a majority in the 1992 elections though twenty seven other opposition groups were formed between 1991 and 1997. One of the reasons for its success was that KANU was a well known party while others were hesitant to vote for the new parties that were in disarray. In 2002 this changed and Uhuru Kenyatta(Jomo’s son) was defeated and the National Rainbow Coalition took power

NARC-In the 2002 elections a new party formed called the National Rainbow Coalition. This was a coalition formed by the National Alliance Party of Kenya and the Liberal Democratic Party. This group won 62% of the vote in the presidential elections compaed to KANU which received 31%.

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After the Kenyan constitutional referendum, all the Liberal Democratic Party representitives were expelled from NARC. This expelled group formed the Orange Democratic Movement which became an opposition party to the NARC government.

Opposition leaders Musalia Mudavadi left) Kalonzo Musyoka(center)Raila Odinga,Moses wetangula and Nick Salat during the launch of NASA at Bomas of Kenya. IN JANUARY 2017

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Above in  Picture King maker of Mombasa Hassan Joho is the next in line to shake Kenya Politics who is a new star in Orange Democratic Movement is currently the Governor of Mombasa.

Orange Democratic Movement- This was a party that formed in 2005 during the constitutional reform. This party was opposed to reform and took its name from the color that was used on polling cards to represent a “no” vote. The ODM won the referendum by an 8% margin. in 2007 after a time of unrest in Kenya a coalition government was formed to end the violence. The ODM is still the strongest party in Kenya with the majority of seats in the parliament. A new constitution drafted by the ODM has been approved. This offers land reform, a bill of rights, and gender equity among other benefits to the people of Kenya

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The Jubilee party  is a multi-party coalition established to support the joint presidential elections ticket of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto in the 2013 Kenya general elections. At the time of the election, its members were The National Alliance, the National Rainbow Coalition, the United Republican PartyUnited Democratic Forum and the Republican Congress.Machel Waikenda was the director of communications and secretary of arts and entertainment of The National Alliance, from April 2012 to August 2013 and he led the media and communications department of the party during the 2013 election

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