Friday, 29 November 2013


Recently the Carter Center very quietly released it's explosive report on the March 2013 general elections. A bit late in the day perhaps but does the truth ever grow stale? Even 100 years later?

In publishing this info (which has been ignored by the mainstream media) here, I am well aware of the fact that most of my readers will read this through the short sighted lenses of their party affiliations. This is of course pretty foolish because nobody is sure what kind of affiliations will come together for the next general elections in 2017 and therefore chances are high that your favored candidate who you are yet to identify will suffer the same fate others suffered in March 2013 and lose those elections in mysterious circumstances. 
The Carter Center announced  that former Zambia President Rupiah Banda and Carter Center Vice President for Peace Programs Dr. John Stremlau was co-lead the Center's 60-person delegation representing 29 nations which observed Kenya's March 4 elections.this year. The Carter Center urges the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission to address technical issues that arose during the recent election   The Center further encourages political parties, movements, and independent candidates to demonstrate commitment to the ideals of democracy and appeal to their supporters to respect the rule of law and the codes of conducts signed by candidates and political parties.
The Carter Center's long-term observers have been deployed since January and was joined by short-term observers to be briefed in Nairobi and deployed ahead of election day. The Center was observing Kenya's election at the invitation of the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission and the welcome of political parties.
The Center's observation mission is conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation and Code of Conduct that was adopted at the United Nations in 2005 and has been endorsed by 37 election observation groups. The Center assesses the electoral process based on Kenya's national legal framework and its obligations for democratic elections contained in regional and international agreements.
President Banda and Dr. Stremlau  met with key stakeholders including the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission, political parties, independent candidates, civil society organizations, and the international community, and will observe polling, counting, and tabulation on election day.

The scathing Carter report is very specific and detailed on "grey" areas during those mysterious elections and where there were failures that do not augur well for the future of democracy and free and fair elections in Kenya. Read the FULL REPORT.

Sadly this information comes at a time when Kenyans have moved on and would rather discuss ICC issues and other hot political issues of the day. 

This is even sadder when you consider the fact that rigging for the 2017 polls has already started on a very large scale. Very clever timing this because nobody is interested in general elections just now. By the time Kenyans start to get interested it will be all over and President Uhuru Kenyatta will be duly re-elected for a second term, Mupende musipende... and the Ruto after that... etc.

In my much acclaimed Intelligence reports I give details of that rigging in progress, especially in areas where JUBILEE did not do too well in the last general elections.

But what should be of even greater interest to Kenyans is how precisely the 2013 presidential elections were rigged (it was done digitally). Interestingly the issues brought up by the Carter centre election observers touch on the core insider information.

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