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Chadema need to learn from CCM it was in few yrs back CCM fired Young Poltician Seif Sheriff Hamad  Hamad was expelled from the ruling CCM party in 1988 after serving in senior government positions, including Zanzibar Chief Minister (1984-1988). He was jailed for 30 months on political charges (1989-1991) before his conviction was overturned by the appeals court. Hamad bounced  but bounced back and show his political strength he found his party and now he have cost the ruling party  half of the electorate in Zanzibar now 20 yrs CCM have no political room at Hamad home  Island Pemba CUF is monopolizing the  Islands  but now we see Zitto show his political muscles in Kigoma History is showing again Zitto will be the winner few years to come.When ever he go he will get his people with him  and follow Hamad step ?

 Zitto Kabwe, the young non-conformist politician of Tanzanian politics who was facing unprecedented pressure from within and without his political party and the establishment has been stripped of all his positions in the party and given 14 days to explain why he should not also be expelled from the party altogether.That was the decision of his party’s top organ sitting in Dar es Salaam last week. But what preceded such a radical decision?  For a section of the top echelon of Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) the party that was pretentiously declared it will win the next General Elections hands down, Zitto Kabwe does not fit in their plan for the takeover of state power come 2015.  

But for Zitto and other radical young Turks in CHADEMA, they won’t be pushed out easily. They contend that capture of state power will be accomplished with them and nothing else. The struggle of Who is Who in CHADEMA line up of top dogs in anticipation of historically electoral victory has already started.  The Zitto, Freeman Mbowe, Dr. Wilbroad Slaa factional in-fighting is the early manifestation of the ugly scenes we are likely to witness as the situation untoward in with media pundits and political activists prepare Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) obituary or perhaps one has to think again that it is too soon to write an obituary!

Zitto Kabwe’s strategy of projecting himself as an integrity man will most likely land him in trouble.  He is fighting on many fronts and off course fighting powerful people of power and wherewithal. He has cultivated relations with foreign organizations which supply him with sensitive information about capital flight and proceeds of grand corruption all of which give him leverage and tools, like pick-axe in the box with which to threaten his enemies.  

He knows many secrets and can make a dig on many leaders, businessmen and companies which are involved in illegal transference of capital from the country and stashing it in safe heavens.
As if that was not enough, Zitto is wrongly accused of embarrassing the big parties in parliament: the ruling party CCM, CHADEMA and CUF for having failed to account for public funds extended to them as subsidies in the past few years.  Though this is the parliamentary committee’s position, the blame has been put on the chairman who happens to be Zitto Kabwe.  

The parliamentary caucuses might join hands to clip Zitto’s wings.  In the same manner the communication reported between CCM and CHADEMA over the Swiss banks saga might not augur well for Zitto.  Those who hold Swiss banks are said to include CCM, government officials and a leader of the opposition party. If such exposures are going to damage the image of the political parties and individual politicians, some subtle joint action without parliament might be conjured up to scuttle the attempt. The in-fighting in CHADEMA has already taken its toll.  Already the Chairman of Arusha region, Samson Mwigamba is already benched from leadership, accused on conducting himself in unbecoming manner of a CHADEMA leader, meaning in fact criticizing the top leaders of corruption and factionalism.  

It is clear that Mwigamba does not belong to Mbowe, Slaa faction. And because he was the Chief financial officer at the party headquarters, he knows very well the top leaders financial misdemeanors.  But most seriously, it is rumoured that Mwigamba wants to contest for Arusha Municipality Constituency elections for the position of Member of Parliament, which Godbless Lema, the maverick politician now hold belongs to olds, politics of making the country ungovernable, something which has cast a shadow on CHADEMA as violent organization that is interested in stirring up troubles and not having a vision and developmental strategy for Tanzania.  It should be noted that some months back the national Chairman of CHADEMA declared that the party was abandoning its position of being a populist platform fighting in the trenches.  

It was then ready to vacate the trenches and come out to the open engage in non-violent politics.  But the transition has become difficult because CHADEMA leaders and their supporters in the media have failed to rise beyond spontaneity. The dominant political ideology of the moment is populism which finds its corollary in the media with media populism. 
The small scale operators in Arusha have in the past three years witnessed street battles between anti-riot police and demonstrators. This has obviously affected their business. These are the people who supported Lema whom they see as one of their own.  

But what development has their Member of Parliament Lema brought for them? Freeman Mbowe has of late been touring the country to consolidate the party. Actually what he has done is to remove undesirable leaders, especially those who do not belong to his faction in preparation for the forthcoming inner party elections and eventually the leaders to nominate him to vie for the Presidency in 2015. 
But the anti-Zitto faction in CHADEMA has obtained support from unexpected quarters. Those who stashed illicit money in Swiss banks and their supporters in the government are extending a hand unconfirmed reports say that the “coalition of the unwilling” constituted of politicians in CHADEMA and CCM that has coalesced want Zitto stripped of his party membership and left to wonder in the political wilderness.  In undated document attributed to CHADEMA security department it is alleged that Zitto is a mole, co-habiting with the intelligence services bent to wreck CHADEMA from within.  

The infamous document put on social media exposes Zitto follies is an amateurish job of the boys eager to impress their political warlords in the intercinal war.   Allegations of betrayal, sellout, and other malfeasances fail to indict Zitto as a mole and or fifth columnist with a mission to destroy the party he calls his own. The ‘enfant terrible’ learned his public engagement through student politics at Dar es salaam University in the 1990s. Though a social democrat, he found home in a conservative oriented political party CHADEMA.  

To-day the young politician is more likely than not to become a victim of the normative principle of the tendency of revolution that devours its children in the course of its maturing up or at the time when its potentiality is exhausted.  It seems the CHADEMA disease is real.  The party has expanded so fast on the populist platform with immense support of media populism that agitates the desire of the multitudes but takes away organizational performance.

The ire of the conservative faction within CHADEMA is that Zitto is too radical to predict.  It is feared that if the assumes the position of the Chairman of the party, he is more likely to re-launch CHADEMA and model it as a party that banks on good governance from within, steering it away from political patronage, populism and factionalism which have become hallmarks of the main opposition party that is risen to prominence due to CCM leadership ineptitude, power struggle and lack of strategy and sustainable political programme.

The political cost of the leadership and factional in-fighting in CHADEMA might take time to assess. However it is obvious that the infighting diverts the party draw attention from implementing short term and long term strategies.  
Perhaps the most important short-term strategic objective to implement is to create a vote bank and network of organizational men and women at all levels of society if CHADEMA wants to capture power in the future.

Leo nina furaha kubwa sana kwani baada ya safari ndefu na yenye changamoto nimerudi nyumbani kuwasalimu wananchi wenzangu! Na hii si salamu za kawaida bali nawasalimu kwa salaam za demokrasia, uadilifu, uzalendo na uwajibikaji. Nawasalimu si kama mbunge bali kama mwana wenu wa Kigoma! Na popote niendapo najivunia kujitambulisha kama Mtanzania; kama mwenyeji wa mkoa wa Kigoma na zao la Ujiji.
Tuna mengi ya kujivunia kama taifa lakini Ujiji na watu wake mna nafasi ya pekee katika historia. Watu wa Ujiji mlipokea harakati za kudai uhuru wa nchi yetu mapema kabisa mapambano ya uhuru yalipoanza. Watu wa Ujiji mlikuwa wa kwanza kabisa kupokea mfumo wa vyama vingi mwaka 1992. Na Jimbo la Kigoma Mjini ilikuwa miongoni mwa majimbo ya mwanzo kabisa kutoa mbunge wa CHADEMA mwaka 1995. Kabla ya hapo mlitoa madiwani wengi mwaka 1994. 
Wakati Watanzania wengine wakiwa wanajiuliza mara mbili mbili kuhusu kujiunga na vyama vipya vilivyoanzishwa, watu wa Ujiji, watu wa Kigoma hamkusita kupokea mabadiliko. Wengi wamepoteza maisha yao, wengine kazi zao na wengine hata ndoa zao katika kupata mbegu ya mabadiliko katika nchi yetu. Nawataka msichoke. Wekeni nguvu mpya katika kusimika mabadiliko kwani bado kazi ya kuimarisha demokrasia katika nchi yetu haijaisha na inahitaji uvumilivu, kusameheana na kuaminiana.
Na nchi yetu Tanzania ni nchi inayoonyesha uwezo mkubwa katika kupendana, kuaminiana, kuvumiliana na hata kusameheana. Na haya si maneno tu ambayo ninayazungumza kama mwanasiasa. Hii ni hali halisi na maisha niliyoyaishi kwa mifano nilipokuwa ninakua na kusoma katika shule ya Msingi Kigoma na baadaye Shule ya Sekondari Kigoma. Malezi yangu yalikuwa yanaongozwa na jamii nzima ya Kigoma. Nimekuwa nikiwaeleza rafiki zangu niliokutana nao kwenye masomo na kwenye siasa kwamba nimeanza kuvaa viatu kwa mara ya kwanza nikiwa darasa la tatu. Viatu hivyo viliitwa 'asante Salim' vilivyokuwa vinatengenezwa na Kampuni ya Bora Shoes. Vililinunuliwa na mama Coretha Furugunya ambaye tulikuwa tunakaa mtaa mmoja wa Kisangani Mwanga. Mama Coretha hakuninunulia viatu kwa sababu alikuwa ana uwezo mkubwa, la hasha! Alifurahishwa na matokeo yangu ya mitihani ya darasa la pili kwenda la tatu.
 Ninaamini kitendo cha mama huyu ni ushahidi wa uungwana, upendo na hata uwajibikaji ambao tunao sisi watanzania. Uwajibikaji kwani alichukua jukumu kunilea ingawa hakuwa mzazi wangu, lakini aliona kuwa kama mwanajamii ana nafasi kubwa katika kuwaendeleza watoto wote. Jamii hii ya watu wa Kigoma ilinifunza kuwa nikijitahidi na kukazana kwa bidii kwenye masomo na majukumu, nitafanikiwa. Siwezi kusahau somo hili katika maisha yangu na ni somo hili ndilo limenifanya nijitahidi kwa kadiri ya uwezo wangu kuwatumikia kwa uadilifu na mafanikio ya hali ya juu sana.
Nikiwa nimejaa matumaini haya kuhusu wananchi wenzangu, leo nataka niwakumbushe kwa nini kama jamii tulichagua kufuata njia ya demokrasia. Demokrasia ina maana pale ambapo inatumika kuleta mabadiliko chanya kwenye maisha ya wananchi. Maisha yanayotakiwa ni yale yanayomwezesha mwananchi kupata huduma zake stahili kama Elimu, Afya, Maji na miundombinu. Demokrasia haina maana pale wananchi wanakufa njaa kwa kukosa ajira na kukuza umasikini. Demokrasia inahusu maendeleo. Tumejitahidi kwa upande wetu kuondoa mkoa wa Kigoma kutoka mikoa isiyo na miundombinu kabisa ya maendeleo mpaka kuwa mkoa unaotumika kama mfano kwa miradi mingi ya Maendeleo ikiwemo Daraja la Malagarasi, Uwanja wa ndege wa Gombe-Mahale, barabara za lami na upanuzi wa Bandari, ujenzi wa bandari ndogo mpya na ujenzi wa kituo cha Usafirishaji Mwandiga. Asije mtu akasema yeye ndio kafanya haya. 
Haya ni matunda ya nyinyi watu wa Kigoma kupokea demokrasia na bila woga kuchagua viongozi wenu bila kujali vyama bali kwa kuangalia uwezo. Haya ni matunda ya viongozi wenu kupaza sauti yenu kwenye baraza la Taifa, Bunge. Haya ni matunda ya uvumilivu wenu na uamuzi wenu wa kutaka maendeleo. Juhudi hizi lazima ziendelezwe kwa nguvu zote ili kuhakikisha kuwa nafasi ya mkoa wa Kigoma katika uchumi wa Tanzania inaonekana dhahiri na hivyo kuchochea maendeleo ya nchi yetu kwa kuwa kituo cha biashara katika nchi za maziwa makuu.
Lakini tukumbuke pia kuwa Demokrasia ni Uwajibikaji. Katika kipindi cha utumishi wangu kwenu,kutokana na malezi niliyoyapata kutoka kwenu,nimekuwa mstari wa mbele kuhakikisha kuwa Serikali inawajibika kwa Wananchi. Nakumbuka wakati napambana kuhusu sheria mbovu ya madini kuna watu hapa nyumbani walisema 'sasa huyu kawa mbunge wa Taifa' lakini watu wengi zaidi wakasema tumemtuma Dodoma kusemea Watanzania wote na sio Kigoma tu. Tuliweza ndani ya miaka mitano kufanya mabadiliko makubwa sana kwenye sera ya Madini na sheria ya madini ambapo baadhi ya mambo ambayo yalikuwa hayafikiriki sasa yametungiwa sheria ikiwemo Serikali kuwa na hisa kwenye migodi, Tanzanite kumilikiwa na Watanzania sio chini ya asilimia 50 na kuzuia kabisa wageni kuchimba vito vya thamani. 
Uwajibikaji ulipelekea kumshinikiza Rais kufanya mabadiliko makubwa ya Baraza la Mawaziri kwa kuwafukuza mawaziri wanane mwaka jana. Hii ilitokana sio tu na hoja ya kutokuwa na imani na Waziri Mkuu bali pia ushiriki mkubwa wa wananchi kupitia simu na mitandao ya kijamii ambapo wabunge walishinikizwa kuweka saini kwenye karatasi za kumtoa Waziri Mkuu. Toka wakati huo kumekuwa na utaratibu sasa ambapo wabunge hawaoni taabu kutaka uwajibikaji waziwazi ili kuzuia ubadhirifu wa fedha za Umma. Ni hivi jana tumeshuhudia mawaziri wanne wamejiuzulu na kufukuzwa kazi kutokana na kashfa ya operesheni Tokomeza ujangili iliyoibuliwa na ripoti ya kamati ya bunge. Mabadiliko haya ni hatua muhimu katika kuimarisha demokrasia yetu.
Pamoja na matunda haya mengi mazuri lakini bado kuna changamoto katika juhudi zetu.
Changamoto kubwa tuliyonayo wananchi ni kukosekana kwa imani katika demokrasia yetu.
Kutoaminiana. Ni dhahiri kuwa kutoaminiana katika nchi yetu kumekuwa kwa kiasi kikubwa. Taarifa za kitafiti zinaonyesha kuwa katika kila Watanzania kumi, wanane hawaaminiani. Ni changamoto kubwa sana. Wananchi wameacha kutuamini wanasiasa na wanasiasa wameacha kuaminiana wenyewe kwa wenyewe. Hivi sasa uongo umegeuzwa kuwa ukweli na ukweli umekuwa ni uongo. Hivi sasa ukitaka kuwa mwanasiasa maarufu inabidi ujue kudanganya na ukitaka kuitwa mwanasiasa msaliti inabidi uwe msema kweli. Kukosekana kwa uaminifu na kuaminiana imekuwa ni kansa katika siasa zetu.
 Itachukua muda mrefu sana kujenga demokrasia imara katika nchi yetu kama hatutapata jibu la changamoto hii ya kutoaminiana na kugeuza uongo kuwa ukweli na ukweli kuwa uongo. Hivi sasa ukweli umekuwa unatengenezwa badala ya kutafutwa. Ni majanga! Juzi bungeni Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali alielekeza shutuma kwangu kwamba sikushirikiana na kamati maalum iliyoundwa na Bunge kufuatilia mabilioni ya uswisi na kwamba chini ya kiapo nilisema sina majina ya watu wenye akaunti huko Uswisi. Huu ulikuwa ni uongo. Ni uongo kwa sababu niliitika wito wa kamati hata nilipokuwa katika mafunzo ya mgambo huko Tanga na nilikutana nao mara nne.
 Ni uongo kwa sababu niliwapa wajumbe wa Kamati Maalaum maelezo na taarifa nyingi sana kuhusu utoroshwaji wa fedha nje ya nchi na umiliki wa mali nje ya nchi kinyumecha sheria. Ni uongo kwa sababu mimi kutotaja majina haya haina maana sina majina, bali ni kwamba ninaheshimu utaratibu na nimeachia vyombo husika vikamilishe uchunguzi. Kwani mimi kama mtu binafsi nikianza kuchukua majukumu ya taasisi ninaweza kutia dosari harakati hizi muhimu na hata kupelekea mchakato mzima kuvurugika. 
Sitaingia mtego huu! Lakini hatua hii ya Mwanasheria Mkuu imenipelekea kujiuliza maswali mengi kwa mfano uongo kama huu ulifanywa kwa malengo gani? Na ninajikuta hata mimi ninaingia katika hali ninayoilalamikia ya KUTOAMINIANA. 
Lakini mtambue pia kuwa kutoaminiana kunaleta kutovumiliana. Hivi sasa kuwa na mawazo tofauti katika vyama vya siasa au hata asasi za kijamii ni uhaini. Lakini bila kuenzi tofauti za mawazo hatuwezi kujenga vyama imara wala Taifa imara. Demokrasia imara ni zao la tofauti za mawazo na uhuru wa mawazo. 
Kama hatuwezi kujenga vyamavinavyorutubisha uhuru wa mawazo na tofauti za mawazo, tutajenga Taifa lenye watu wenye kuogopa na waliojaawoga.Wanachamawanapoogopa uongozi ni udikteta, lakini uongozi unapoogopa wanachama ni demokrasia. Bila demokrasia ya uwazi na kuvumiliana tutakuwa Taifa la kidikteta. Lazima vyama vya siasa, viongozwe kwa namna ile ile ambayo Taifa litaongozwa.
Demokrasia bila kuaminiana, demokrasia bila kuvumiliana sio demokrasia ya kweli.
Juzi nilipoingia Bungeni kwa mara ya kwanza baada ya matukio kadhaa yanayoendelea ndani ya chama chetu nilikaa pamoja na mbunge Tundu Lissu. Wabunge wengine walidhani tutarushiana ngumi na badala yake ikawa ni vicheko na mazungumzo. Hii ni kwa sababu sina chuki na mtu yeyote yule. Mmenifunza kutojenga chuki na watu na badala yake kuchukua kila tukio kama changamoto ya maisha. 
Siasa ni kupambanisha mawazo tofauti na hatimaye kutafuta suluhu ya pamoja. Na siasa ina misingi yake ambayo sisi wanasiasa huwa tunasahau kwa maksudi. Msingi wa siasa ni kuwa inapaswa kuleta unafuu wa maisha ya wananchi na sio malumbano tu ya kurushiana maneno na kuzushiana ili kujijengea umaarufu wa kisiasa. Siasa si kuwekeana chuki na kuonyeshana ubabe.
Na hapo ni muhimu muelewa wanaKigoma mnapoambiwa kuwa eti ninapofuatilia mabilioni ya Uswisi ninatafuta umaarufu, ni uongo! Mnaposikia eti kukataa kwangu kuchukua posho ni unafiki na kujitafutia umaarufu, ni uongo! Kinachonisukuma kufanya vyote hivi ni ninyi. Ninasukuwa kila ninapowaona watoto bado wanatembea bila viatu;kila ninapoona akina mama wanapoteza maisha yao katika uzazi;kila ninapoona vijana ambao hawana uhakika wa kupata hata mlo moja kwa siku kwa kukosa kazi; ninapoona wazee wa Kigoma kukosa hata shilingi mia moja kununua chai asubuhi. Ninawaona si wanaKigoma bali mamilioni ya watanzania wakiishi katika hali hii. 
Alafu nalinganisha na taarifa tunazozipata kuhusu ufujaji na utoroshwaji wa pesa zetu. Hebu sasa linganisheni na ukweli kuwa ripoti ya kimataifa iliyotolewa hivi karibuni imeonyesha kuwa mwaka 2010 pekee, jumla ya dola za kimarekani milioni 1315 (bilioni 1.3), yaani shilingi trilioni  2,113,930,000,000 (sh trilioni 2.1) zilitoroshwa kutoka nchini Tanzania. Mwaka 2011 kiasi cha dola za kimarekani milioni 817 yani shilingi za kitanzania zipatazo trilioni 1,315,370,000,000 (trilioni 1.3) zilitoroshwa. Ripoti hiyo inaeleza kuwa jumla ya fedha za Watanzania zilizotoroshwa nje ya nchi katika miaka kumi iliyopita zilifikia dola za kimarekani milioni 4526 (bilioni 4.5) sawa na shilingi za kitanzania trilioni 7,286,860,000,000 (trilioni 7.3).  
 Nimewatajia hapa namba chungu nzima na matrilioni na mabilioni hayaleti maana. Lakini hii ina maana kwamba kiasi cha pesa zilizotoroshwa katika miaka 10 pesa - robo yake tuingeweza kujenga barabara ya lami ya kiwango cha juu kabisa kutoka Kigoma mpaka Dar-es-salaam! Pesa hizi zingeweza kuajiri na kuwalipa vizuri walimu, madaktari na wafanyakazi wengine ili kuhakikisha tunapata huduma bora na kutengeneza ajira bora kwa vijana wetu. Pesa hizi zingeweza kununua madawa muhimu na kuokoa maisha ya maelfu ya akina mama tunaowapoteza kila mwaka wakati wa uzazi. 
Pesa hizi zingeweza kuwanunulia watanzania wote si watoto tu angalau pea 10 ya viatu. Sasa nikitafakari haya siwezi kuchapa usingizi mnono na kufumbia macho utoroshwaji wa fedha au matumizi mabaya ya fedha za umma kwa njia ya sisi wabunge kujilipia posho! Hapana! Nafsi yangu hainiruhusu kukaa kimya kwa kuogopa kuitwa mbinafsi au msaliti!
Lakini naomba niwasihi kuwa katika nyakati kama hizi za changamoto za kisiasa jambo la msingi kuliko yote ni kutulia maana hakuna linalotokea bila sababu. Licha ya kwamba kuna watu wengi wanapaza sauti zao katika mambo haya lakini pia kuna wengi zaidi ambao wapo kimya lakini wana mawazo yao, ndani na nje ya chama chetu;ndani na nje ya Serikali na ndani nanje ya nchi yetu. Ndio maana lazima kuibadili nchi yetu ili kuweza kuhakikisha kila raia anakuwa na fursa ya kutoa mawazo na fikra zake zinakuwa huru.
Maisha ni mabadiliko; mabadiliko hayana ukomo; mabadiliko hayazuiliki kwa sababu bila mabadiliko hakuna ukuaji, bila mabadiliko hakuna maendeleo. Mabadiliko ni kiu kikubwa cha Tanzania kwa sababu mabadiliko huleta matumaini. Na kiu hii ni kubwa zaidi kwetu sisi vijana wa kizazi hiki kipya. Siasa za kizazi kipya cha viongozi ni siasa za majawabu ya kero za wananchi. Siasa za mabadiliko ni siasa za kujenga na kuimarisha; ni siasa za kuaminiana na kuheshimiana hata pale mnapopingana kimawazo. Ninataka tujenge siasa mpya Tanzania;siasa za mabadiliko; siasa zinazojenga matumaini ya kweli;siasa zinazowajali na kuwajengea uwezo wananchi wa Tanzania.
 Mungu ibariki Tanzania.

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