Sunday, 19 June 2016

Kenya is ready for New election commission

CORD has now suspended forthwith all anti-IEBC demos to pave way for talks on resolving the standoff over the electoral body. A statement signed by cord management committee James Orengo Says major sticking issues with the ruling Jubilee have been resolved. 
The statement further says there is an overwhelming likelihood of a bipartisan motion to trigger off the process of dialogue over the IEBC. Orengo in the statement says that the motion for the formation of a select committee to tackle the issue can now be tabled in parliament as early as Tuesday this week. Cord is now looking forward to the establishment of a joint select committee with the full weight of both coalitions. The release of the statement came on a day when deputy president said he was optimistic that the much sought dialogue between the government and opposition over the IEBC standoff would kick off in a few days time. Ruto had expressed hope that the few sticky issues dividing the two sides would be ironed out by tomorrow. Now Chris Thairu reports. 

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