Saturday, 25 September 2010

HAMAD promises to review Zanzibar's tax system

THE Civic United Front (CUF) presidential Candidate for Zanzibar Mr Seif Sharif Hamad plans to review tax system, including tax holidays to reduce tax evasion and encourage entrepreneurship in the Isles.

''Creating macro- economic conditions conducive to the local traders mainly the entrepreneurs can boost economy and also help to control corruption. I do not believe in hiking taxes to increase revenue,'' Hamad said here yesterday when he met the entrepreneurs.

In the meeting held at Sunni Madrassa school in the Stone Town, which was a continuation of his series of meeting to woo voters, Mr Hamad said his government of National Unity would support entrepreneurs.

''It is CUF's vision and dream that entrepreneurs have a key role in driving our economy,'' he observed.

Mr Hamad said that his government would train and encourage Zanzibaris to run beneficial businesses, expressing his concern about frequent operation of municipal police (auxiliary police) on vendors and street traders including confiscating their goods.

''All entrepreneurs including carpenters and plumbers will be helped to fit in the competitive market to minimize the influx of foreigners who come to seek employment in our country. There will be a classification of jobs, were some selective jobs will be done by only Zanzibaris. We must have the data of entrepreneurs for smooth planning,'' he stated.

The CUF candidate said he was concerned by some government officials who were trying to milk private enterprise as sources of funds.

''Sometimes they threaten private enterprises with taxes and laws that will limit economic development. I will not accept such habits,'' Mr Hamad stressed.

In a campaign rally on Friday afternoon, the CUF presidential candidate asked Zanzibaris to 'loan' him vote so that he could pay them better life. He asked all Zanzibaris regardless of their political affiliations to put national interest first before personal and party interest to safeguard the reconciliation.

''Anyone who mocks, or speaks badly against political reconciliation should be ignored, CCM, CUF, and other political parties should work together to sustain the current peace, unity, and stability,'' he said, stressing that peace is a major asset for development.

He added that should he become the next president of Zanzibar he would strongly not allow any elements of discrimination, and that he would introduce telephone line desk were any aggrieved person would call and raise any concern.

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