Saturday, 18 January 2014


Police have launched investigations to establish whether a man found shot dead in Shauri Moyo was behind the explosion at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Thursday night. The body of a middle aged man was found in the rear seat of an abandoned bullet-riddled vehicle at around 11pm about an hour after a reported explosion at the JKIA's Unit 1. Police say they are hunting for a man in his mid 20s who was driving the car.

Some really bizarre things are happening in our country.

* An explosion at the ultra-high-security JKIA inside the JAVA restaurant destroys a section of the roof. The Inspector general of police tells newsmen with a straight face that "it was just a loose light bulb that fell..." Wow!! Quite some light bulb to have caused such serious destruction. The incident has left Kenyans with plenty of hard questions. Those who have used the airport recently know that it would be extremely difficult for a mouse to get through security let alone somebody carrying an explosive device.Later a bullet riddled car is found in Shauri Moyo in Eastlands, Nairobi with Java branded packages and the dead body of a man of Somali origin in the back seat. Investigators have linked the car to the airport "loose-bulb-falling" incident because eye-witnesses say they saw it speeding from the airport moments after the blast.

Even stranger is the fact that the man who drove the bullet-ridden car to the scene where he abandoned it choose a spot with plenty of witnesses and started by telling them he had a flat tire then promptly jumped onto a motorbike saying he would be back and vanished into the night. Quite rightly those witnesses (some who wasted no time in stealing the car battery ad were looking for other things to steal when the dead body inside stopped them dead in their tracks) were terrified about talking to the press on camera.* One of the brave police officers who made a name for himself nationally rescuing those trapped inside the Westgate Mall during the September 21st terrorist attack reports a very curious but deadly incident. Chief Inspector Stephen Lelei is driving along the Thika superhighway at the ungodly hour of 3am on Saturday morning with his wife, Matrida Muroso, 36 when he hears a loud bang. He quickly stops and gets out of the vehicle but discovers that "the bang" has badly injured his wife who was seated next to him. She is so badly injured that on being rushed to hospital she dies. Read the Daily Nation story

It gets stranger because the police report the incident as a fire and "bang" carefully avoiding words that would shed more light on the matter like "explosion" or "gunshot" and add that Lelei's wife died from burn injuries. In the car was a loaded AK47 rifle, police add and say that it was "completely destroyed". Now what kind of "bang" causes a fire so quickly that it burns somebody to death? And this fire is selective because it only heads straight for the officer's wife and leaves Lelei unscathed.What the he** is going on Kenya?

In the first case experts say that there are two possibilities. The first is that somebody assembled an explosive device close to where it was detonated. You may not be aware of this but one can carry some very everyday ordinary items (like a toothbrush and what looks like toothpaste) into a place and then assemble them in a certain way and cause an explosion big enough to kill somebody. The second possibility is that somebody in security or a person disguised as such walked into the airport with an improvised explosive device (IED) and planted it where it went off.

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