Sunday, 19 January 2014


Police now confirm that terrorists did indeed attempt to blow up a cafe at the JKIA Unit 1 Departures. NTV has established that terrorists had visited the airport twice in the last two weeks before returning on the fateful Thursday to carry out their mission that luckily did not go as planned. The impeccable sources also confirm that the same terrorists are the ones who abandoned their vehicle at Shauri Moyo. 

Police has insisted that all the terrorists involved in the September 21st Westgate shopping Mall attack were killed. Well in a fascinating development local newspapers have reported the testimony in court by a brave 
Administration policeman a Mr Ali Miraj who told a Nairobi court on Thursday that he shot one of the terrorists in the leg but he quickly limped away. Read his testimony. Western intelligence sources have identified the name of the man and have revealed that they are currently in hot pursuit of him in Southern Somalia  and Intelligence report as well). Well a positive identification of the same man seems to have been made using footage from CCTV cameras at Westgate and foreign intelligence records. Apparently the man has been under surveillance for quite some time now. As you read this scores of agents from the West are pursuing him in Southern Somalia. The only logical explanation for this is that he died at Westgate but miraculously resurrected, albeit still with his leg injury, somewhere in Southern Somalia.

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