Wednesday, 5 March 2014


A new political party has been born in Tanzania -- Alliance for Change and Transparency (ACT). It was introduced yesterday. The party’s interim chairman, Mr Kadawi Limbu, told reporters yesterday that it is guided by five principles which are patriotism, equality, accountability, transparency and true democracy. “ACT believes every citizen has the right to express their opinions and views for the betterment of the current generation to the next, that is why we will try as much as possible to give them an opportunity to speak,” he said.
Mr Limbu who was the parliamentary candidate for Temeke constituency through the Civic United Front (CUF) ticket in the 2010 general elections before joining the Alliance for Democratic Change (ADC) where he was elected general secretary said the new party has been established to advocate for transparency in Tanzanian politics. The interim general secretary, Mr Samson Mwigamba, said the party has been temporarily registered but is in the process to complete registration.

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