Thursday, 17 April 2014


Proceedings in the Constituent Assembly yesterday took a dramatic turn when members of the Coalition for People’s Constitution (UKAWA) marched out, claiming they couldn’t continue to participate in a process that was a recipe for disaster.The members marched out after Prof Lipumba made his presentation in the House alleging that Wiliam Lukuvi, Minister of State Prime Minister’s Office - Policy Coordination and Parliamentary Affairs had misinformed people when he attended anointment of Methodist Bishop Joseph Bundala in Dodoma last Sunday.

Prof Lipumba claimed that Lukuvi told the congregation that if the three- government system is adopted, the Union government will not afford to pay salaries for army personnel, which could result into a coup.
He further quoted Lukuvi saying: “If the three-government structure is approved then it is obvious that churches will be closed as the country will no longer be peaceful.” Prof Lipumba claimed Lukuvi also said that Zanzibaris who want the three governments want a federal structure so that they can promote Zanzibar as an Islamic nation. Lipumba said, later on when Lukuvi was asked to clarify his statements, the Minister said they were his personal views which are similar to those of many Tanzanians including President Jakaya Kikwete.He said after Lukuvi’s speech in church, Bishop Bundala said to maintain the union, it is better for the constitution of Zanzibar to be erased so that only one constitution can serve both governments. Speaking to other UKAWA members outside the House, Prof
Lipumba said they will meet today at 10.00 am to discuss the way forward. He said the move taken by the coalition did not discriminate against members from big or small political parties or members with no political affiliations. 

“All of us who advocate for the Constitution of the People should join hands”.
Prof Lipumba said they have no plans to return to the House after the Easter break. The CA sessions are expected to resume on Tuesday next week after a break that starts on Friday.He said what prompted them to take the extreme measure was the way the assembly was being run and Lukuvi’s statement in church.He said Lukuvi’s speech promoted discrimination and hatred. “The speech puts it to us that the two-government structure is a way of controlling the Zanzibaris... in that case we cannot participate in such shenanigans.”Supporting Prof Lipumba, Reverend Christopher Mtikila said that he was informed by his fellow Bishop that Minister Lukuvi has told him that the three-government structure will make Zanzibar an Islamic nation. Thus the only way to restrict that is to go for two governments. “Claiming that three governments will promote Islamic is similar to restrict freedom of worship and I will not advocate for that,” Rev. Mtikila said. After the Ukawa members walk-out, the CA Vice Chairperson Samia Suluhu said according to the standing orders the session could continue regardless of the number of CA members remaining in the House because the quorum is assessed at the beginning of the session.Parties whose members walked out included Chadema, CUF, NCCR-Mageuzi, UDP, NRA, DP and some of the 201 from NGOs and other groups taking part in the constitution discussions.

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