Sunday, 24 May 2015

President Paul Kagame the man who inspire so many young Africans

Do not accept or tolerate mediocrity, in yourselves or in others. Defy the low expectations that some may have of you, or that you may even have of yourself. You simply do not have the luxury of getting tired or giving up. As you continue to acquire valuable, education, skills and experience, guard preciously and proudly your Rwandan identity. Don’t let what the system you operate in, diminish you as a person. Nothing should make you think that your identity and background is somehow inferior. You are as important and relevant as anyone else.” - President Kagame speaking to over 500 young Rwandans for the first edition of the Rwanda Youth Forum held in Dallas, Texas.

President Paul Kagame accompanied by the First Lady, Mrs Jeannette Kagame, on Saturday called on Rwandan youth to carry forward the legacy of dignity that has helped put the country on the road to prosperity.

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