Tuesday, 13 May 2014


The National Assembly has been asked to form a Select Committee to oversee distribution of ‘Union funds’ received through budgetary grants and loans and to also make public the distribution criteria.
Shadow Minister of State, Vice President Office in charge of Justice, Constitution and Union Affairs Tundu Lissu made the call yesterday in parliament.  Tabling alternative budget estimates for the 2014/15 financial year for the vice president office (Union and Environment) the outspoken Singinda MP said the suggested committee would among other things make known the amount that the Isles are expected to receive as direct donation from development partners contributing to the Union government basket fund.  He told the House that during the last financial year, Tanzania’s total revenue resulting from soft loans and grants from donors amounted to 1.163trn/- but Zanzibar received only 32.62bn/- instead of the required 52.33bn/-.

“Under this clause, Tanzania Mainland obstructed 25.14bn/- …the legal amount which was supposed to be paid to Zanzibar and during the financial year 2014/15 Zanzibar will receive only 21.6bn/- out of 992.17bn/-,” he claimed.“It’s not only that Zanzibar is not benefiting from revenue generated as soft loans and grants to the union government, but it also does not benefit from revenue collected from union matters,” he alleged. The legislator further questioned why the government had failed to implement the Mutual Fund Act of 2003 that calls for among other things, establishment of a commission to oversee the mutual fund.   Lissu went on to allege that Union revenues surpass Union demands yet only a small amount is allocated to deal with union issues while, according to him, a lot of money is commissioned to issues not related to Union matters.  The Legislator also asked the government to make public the whereabouts of principal founding leaders of the Union from both the Isles and the Mainland.  These he named as Abdallah Kassim Hanga, Abdullaziz twala and Saleh Saadalla Akida from Zanzibar and Oscar Kambona, Bhoke Munanka and Job Lusinde from Tanganyika.

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