Thursday, 17 July 2014

Regime change in Gaza is Alsisi main focus !

Now the word in Cairo is that the Egyptian regime does not look for a cease fire as much to destroy Hamas regardless of the losses because of the Muslim Brotherhood connections and so on.Israeli military operations against Hamas are expanding. The IDF has now attacked hundreds of rocket launch platforms and many Hamas command facilities. Thousands of IDF infantry reserves have been mobilised. Special Forces are raiding targets in Gaza .By the way interestingly enough there is a Palestinian .We leave Cairo and its initiative , abroad in the bad evil west things are different. Chile cut its commercial relations with Israel.Earlier Today there were four kids playing on a beach , they were all cousins and brothers from a family working in the sea as fishermen.The four boys were 10 years old Ahmed Bakr ,10 years old Zakaria Bakr ,11 years old Mohamed Bakr and 9 years old Ismail Bakr. Below the strong man from Fatah who was determined to crush Hamas during Arafat time now is the choice of Arab Leaders to replace Abu Mazen, Palestinian President.In 2007, Dahlan assisted in a U.S. plan to overthrow the elected Hamas government in Gaza, but the coup failed when Hamas carried out a counter-coup, and routed Fatah forces in Gaza instead.
Dahlan is putting on a show 
With no warning the Israeli forces or rather Navy shelled the beach killing on of the boys suddenly then when the other three went to check what happened to their cousin. And the beach was rocked again by another Israeli attack. That time the three boys joined their cousin in the afterlife while their tiny bodies turned in to pieces. Their beach was near a hotel where journalists from all over the world are staying. The cameras rolled and the tragedy of the boys who were buried on the same day was recorded and transferred to the whole world. The world will be angry for awhile and then Bakr boys will be forgotten like the rest of that long list of Palestinian Children killed by Israeli forces for no reason except that they are Palestinians. The boys and their families’ photos are now in the Front Pages world wide and according to the US department of the State that crime was the mistake of Hamas because they refused the Egyptian initiative to cease fire !! 
This is the story of the Bakr boys simply as that. Last night a set of terms allegedly Hamas demanded to cease fire including a term that pissed off many Egyptians mostly from the Pro El-Sisi supporters online. That term allegedly says that the Rafah crossing should be under international and regional supervision. Of course if those angry Egyptians care so much above National sovereignty and the dignity of our Egyptian armed forces , they would speak about the Camp David accords and how up till this day we are not allowed to have army forces in Zone “C” {The Eastern part of Sinai} except after Israel's approval. Hamas denied according to Al Mayadeen TV channel that it demanded those terms including the International and regional supervision on the Rafah crossing. 
Speaking about the Palestinian factions, I can not do anything except wondering what the evil boy who was kicked out of the West Bank Mohamed Dahlan is doing in Cairo now. Dahlan is back in Cairo and he is a media star now. He is appearing in TV channels and is photographed while visiting the injured from Gaza as if he is an official in the Palestinian authority. 

Of course some say that Dahlan is supported by the Emiratis and the current Egyptian regime to become the president of Palestine instead of Abu Mazen. I believe those some. 

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