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AFTER equipping Islamic fighters to remove Asad of Syria now the Muslim fighters have turned against the western like Alqaida few yrs back was Western recruited Osama Bin Laden to fight Russians in Afghaniastan.  We know about these divide and rule imperial tactics from other parts of the former British Empire. During India’s freedom struggle in the 1930s, Gandhi was only too aware of this. In his ceaseless efforts (until his death) he tried to unite the Muslims and the Hindus to join forces against British Raj to the extent that he supported the resurrection of the Caliphate. Times change, but the Empire’s tactics don’t. Today, Al-Qaeda wants to bring Iraq, Syria and Lebanon together into a single caliphate – the “caliphate of the Levant”.                                                                               Any sug  gestion that the United States ever considered recognizing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as anything other than a terrorist organization, or had any role in its creation, is patently false. Allegations circulating in Lebanon to the contrary are a fabrication!. his statement was issued after rumors spread like fire in Lebanon during the fight between the Lebanese army and the ISIS in Arsal  that the U.S. created ISIS to destroy the Arab world and it would recognize the Caliphate diplomatically. As usual those rumors spread in Lebanon claimed that those rumors or rather facts were stated in Hillary Clinton’s memories. These rumors found a way offline when journalists and MPs began to ask question about them. 
Of course as Arabs we do not read books now and so no one cared to really read what the former US secretary of state really said in her real latest book “Hard Choices” 
The U.S embassy in Beirut had to react after Lebanese ministers and MPs like Lebanese FM Gebran Bassil began to ask questions about these quotes.

Yes Lebanese FM asked the US ambassador in Beirut about Hillary Clinton’s alleged statements about ISIS !! 
Now  the source of that rumor concerning Clinton’s alleged confession is not Lebanon but rather Egypt. Yes Egypt and the Lebanese social media users took those alleged confessions from Egyptian sources on Facebook pages mostly

Clinton and her book 

Yes fake quotes from Clinton’s books are spreading like fire among Egyptians in the Pro-Military Pro-Police Anti-Jan 25 Facebook pages and twitter accounts about the role of the U.S not only creating ISIS but also the deal between the U.S and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
For instance one of those fake quotes from Clinton’s Non existent book “Plan 360” about the plan set up by the MB and the U.S which was sabotaged by the Egyptian army on 30 June and how the U.S ordered its USS Submarines to approach Alexandria but the old Russian MEG aircrafts Egyptian air forces stood against the submarines. “Do not ask me what’s that crap because honestly I do not understand how any person who uses his brain in the right way would think that this is true !!” 
Yes in nutshell all those fake quotes evolve around couple of things “The Arab spring is an American plot” , “The U.S and the Muslim Brotherhood had a plan to revive the caliphate” and “The 30 June revolution led by El-Sisi and Egyptian army saved the day”. 
Now I am already amazed that the U.S embassy in Cairo did not issue anything regarding those fake statements when we got Egyptian officials quoting them publicly in the media.
The ministry of interior’s official spokesperson police general Hany Abdel Latiff already quoted on TV such fake quotes and he did not care to correct what he said when he is proven wrong.
Here is also the current minister of culture Gaber Asfour saying in some public conference that the United States made up ISIS in order to confront the 30 June revolution. 

Gaber Asfour : America made ISIS to face 30 June
Yes this is the minister of culture in Egypt now. 
Here is a list of videos that spoke about the fake Hillary Clinton's quotes as truth in Egyptian and Arabic TV channels, mostly Egyptian TV hosts from the same old Anti-Jan25 team.
It is worth to mention that Dr. Manar El-Shorbagy was the only one I recall in the Egyptian media to address those fake quotes in her weekly column in Al Masry Al Youm Daily and yet no one cared to highlight her 
Already I do not understand if the US created ISIS to destroy the Middle East and Arab world , why someone like Hilary Clinton would expose that to the world in her best selling memories !? 

Cherchez le Guerre de quatrième génération !!

Now the main source of these fake quotes as well hundreds of fake rumors about Egypt, 25 January , Gaza , the Muslim Brotherhood .. you name is the Facebook pages. To be precise the Pro-Military/Pro-ElSisi/Pro-Mubarak as well the ex-radical revolutionary Pro-Conspiracy theories pages. 

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