Monday, 27 July 2015

Political Guru Dr Kitila Mkumbo what has predict in his FB see below .

Image result for dr Kitila picturesIn my article in The Guardian on Sunday of 28th June 2015, among other things, I said:
"Predictably, CHADEMA is hoping to benefit from CCM’s nomination squabbles, and it could field one of the CCM leftover candidates for presidency".
This attracted scathing attack from my 'friends' in CHADEMA. I hope that they will be courageous enough to say the three word sentence: "We are sorry" Ndugu Kitila, you saw it coming. Hongereni sana kwa ujasiri watani zetu!!
and then in the same article I raised the following questions, which can now be answered perfectly well with great certainty:
There are clearly two big questions that will continue to boggle the minds of political analysts in the run up to CCM’s nomination day on the 12th July 2015. First, how can CCM avoid nominating Lowassa in the context of his massive following within and outside the party? Second, in the unlikely event that Lowassa is prematurely removed from the ballot paper in the CCM nomination process, will he have the audacity to join the opposition? We will have to wait for at least two weeks until July to be able to answer these questions.
and this was my conclusion in case Lowassa was axed from the CCM's nomination process:
"In any case, Lowassa’s axing and eventual joining of the opposition would be welcome by progressive elements in the country who have eagerly waited for decades for the splinter of the CCM; this could surely mark the beginning of the end of the party’s hegemony in Tanzania’s politics".
Or will it? Let the drama begin. This is likely to be the most charm election in the history of Tanzania!
Kitila Mkumbo
Monday, 27 July 2015

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