Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Deadly Decisions and the Kikwete Succession

I apologize in advance because this post is going to be rather long. It was absolutely necessary because it contains some pretty scary information on how CCM is struggling after the July nominations .In Part 1 of this post I gave you a background as to why the executive was reduced to tribal and indeed family appointments way back during the the first Kikwete  days. It was all a question of survival. I also said that the Kikwete  administration has a lot of similarities to the Jomo Kenyatta administration. However there is one subtle difference that makes the situation even more dangerous in the Kikwete  administration. Those close to the president may be hailing from his old friends   but the difference is that many of them are very well educated and capable individuals. Some are amongst the wealthiest and most powerful like Edaward Lowasssa and Rostam  a. If you compare these fellows to the simple people from the bussness class  who surrounded President  you will realize that Kikwete  men were nothing short of loyal village goons who quickly evaporated with his presidency.
the question now is Powerful man who put Kiwkete to state house want to get to the white house through UKAWA opposition how this will make easy succession ? 

Those around Kikwete  will not just disappear when the president leaves office. They will remain behind in powerful positions and situations to protect him long after he has left. In other words the next president of Bongland  will be faced with the same problem faced by Kikwete when he took over power  only this time the situation is much more deadly and difficult to deal with.How his family interest will be protected and his loyal friends ?

Appointments in security organs in the Kikwete  administration have to be trusted completely. Trusted to have their loyalty only towards the president and NOT the country. What would you do if you were faced with a situation where you have to abandon your loyalty to your country in order to remain loyal to the individual holding the office of the president of the republic?

This is exactly what is happening in the Kikwete  administration. And that is why certain key security positions cannot just be filled by anybody Indeed it is not an accident that finance is as sensitive to Kikwete  as security is.
For a long time now reports that I have been receiving and even signs to the observant point to the fact that the Kikwete administration has been creating secret parallel security organs. in case his party lose power to put country in cares There are numerous happenings since then that suggest that this unit is up and running.  Now my question is why would you need such a unit and yet we have the best intelligence apparatus  which reports directly to the executive?

We also know that the Administration police has grown immensely in stature and power since the Kikwete  administration took over. For many years the security organ was nothing but a handful of semi-illiterate policemen scattered around the country to help chiefs and other provincial administration personnel carry out their duties on the ground. Today the security has grown so much so that the main stream police force feel very threatened by it. Why?

I believe that that same God will save Bongoland once again,
But I thought that you, my dear friends, should have this information.

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