Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Kauli ya Balozi Mwapachu..


As a start ZEC has no powers to pronounce what it did on Urais wa Muungano. By pronouncing the Znz elections null and void it means the voting for Union President in Zanzibar is equally null and void.

Therefore the overall election of Union President is null and void. We are in a constitutional crisis. The TZ judiciary will have to exercise care not to violate the Union constitution if asked to give an interpretation. It will lose all credibility if it offends the constitution on political whims.

Zanzibar should have been allowed to realise it's constitutional choice and not land the whole Union into a crisis. Issues now arise whether Kikwete can or should remain as President? Does he have legitimacy to be on the high seat after such a mess? Can he fairly oversee a new election?

From J Mwapachu

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