Thursday, 15 November 2012

Zitto is Fighting with Giant corruption Party

Zitto Kabwe MP-Kigoma North (CHADEMA) is a very ambiguous man if I may call him so, this kind of classification is so much influenced by number of dynamics surrounding political life of the named pundit.

What Zitto did during the recently ended Parliamentary meeting in Dodoma is beyond politics and what our analysts call “hypocritism among our politicians” particularly those from the ruling CCM.

Mr Kabwe will go down history as one of the greatest MP this country has ever had! Flashing back on his uncountable contributions in the parliament there is no doubt that he seems to be so patriotic at least superficially.

Whenever Mr Kabwe gets a chance to contribute, Tanzanians would be assured of one thing and that is nothing else but to hear the catalogue of people who plunder the state. Thus why I was not so much astonished when Zitto called for serious measures against Tanzanians who illegally transfer billions of money to abroad such as Switzerland just to open a can of worms.

Let me admit that what Zitto said is a very serious matter but what exactly left my mouth open is for how long this tendency has been there? And I wonder if the government cares about it anyway? Though not yet proved but suspicious linger that some of those accused might be the government officials or party (CCM) cadres.

Zitto has so far gained untold reputation amongst local Tanzanians simply because of his ability to unfold evils popularly known as embezzlement and the recent saga is not the first. All these happen few months after Mr Kabwe “dazed the air” in his party (CHADEMA) following his official declaration to contest for presidency in 2015.

What now has caught up with peoples’ mind and of course analysts is whether Mr Zitto spoke from his heart or it was just a step forward towards presidency? Surely it takes deep thinking to reach the conclusion! If Zitto meant it thus will be the best of him and there will be no doubt to call him the voice of voiceless but if it was a mere political game let Zitto apologize for such misconducts.

Not too long before the truth is revealed, I wish Mr Kabwe comes up and respond to this article so that Tanzanians get the real picture about the reported saga! See here Hon Zitto sympathizing with majority of citizens, wouldn’t that be wise?

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