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Hon. Zitto Z. Kabwe is a trained economist from University of Dar es Salaam who later received professional training on International Marketing in Germany. He joined struggles for Multiparty democracy in Tanzania at the age of 16 and since then has been a member of CHADEMA political party. CHADEMA is a center-right party with orientation on market economy. Hon. Kabwe is currently a member of Parliament representing Kigoma North and he chairs a Parliamentary standing committee on Public Investments. He keenly pursues the African transition to a continent free of conflicts. He was an election observer in DR Congo in 2006 and before in Ghana in 2004. In parliament his interests are trade, minerals and governance issues. Born in September 1976, Zitto Kabwe is a third born from a family of ten children of Mzee Kabwe and mama Shida. - 

CHADEMA Deputy Secretary General , Zitto Kabwe has been stripped of all his duties following allegations of gross misconduct to party ethics.

This was announced during a press conference in Dar es Salaam by the newly appointed Party Legal Advisor, Mr Tundu Lissu saying that apart from Zitto Kabwe, ethe measures affected three other senior CHADEMA officials and were with immediate effect.

"These actions are a result of evidence from a document of people calling themselves 'Network of Winners' that mentions Zitto Kabwe who is referred to as MM, Dr Kitilla Mkumbo as M1, Samson Mwigamba as M3 and a yet unknown person who is referred to as M2 and mentioned to be in a Party Secretariat at the headquarters," he said.

Mr Lissu vowed that the party would leave no stone unturned in an effort to identify the fourth person and that appropriate action would be taken irrespective of who the person is or the position he or she holds in the party.

He described the actions of the four officials as amounting to treason where they are alleged to strategise on ways of creating divisions in the party and to remove the party from being an answer to the problems of the common man.

"This strategising isn't the way of making changes in the leadership of the party, but rather one of hijacking the party and killing it. It is for this reason that the authors of this document stated that they needed to implement the strategy in utmost secrecy such that the head of the party continues to be complacent and the language used in the document is unique," he said.

Mr Lissu said that it was the firm belief of the Central Committee (CC), that sat between November 20 and November 22 this year, that if the intentions of bringing changes in the party were genuine, then the document wouldn't suggest that meetings be conducted infrequently and in secluded areas and if possible outside the country.

The CC decided, apart from stripping the four members of their duties, to set up a team of the party secretariat members and CC members to investigate and unearth the identity of M2 and to persuade the Parliamentary Committee to act quickly and remove Mr Kabwe from being the Deputy Opposition Leader in the National Assembly.

Other decisions include the writing of letters to the four culprits listing allegations against them and asking them to defend themselves, explaining why they shouldn't be expelled from the party in accordance with the constitution and after this process, for an emergency meeting to be convened to decide on what course of action to be taken against the accused.

Chadema also intends to make numerous copies of the secret document that will be passed to different media houses for the public, Chadema members and party leaders as well as for the world to see.

"Mr Kabwe and Dr Mkumbo asked to resign from their positions but after considering the weight of the offences, the high positions that they hold and their understanding of the constitution, regulations and party procedures, the CC declined their request because it would mean giving them the respect they don't deserve," Mr Lissu said.

The National Chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe said that anyone with the intention of disintegrating Chadema would disintegrate first before anything happened to the party and that its members were there to see it through. He said that he had every conviction that people whose motives of dividing the party and ripping the constitution into shreds, must be funded by people from outside the party and are like wolves in goat skin.

Meanwhile, Chadema Vice-Chairman (Mainland), Said Amour Arfi has resigned from his post effective yesterday, November 22. According to an email made available to the 'Daily News on Saturday,' Mr Arfi resigned from his post because he was fed up with the continued hypocrisy in the party.

"Allow me also to add that for the interests of voters, the residents and people of Mpanda Urban and the district, it is vital that they are attended to and I am not ready to have my friends picked for me," he said in the email.

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