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It has been almost 50 YRS Since Americans influence to control the spread of cold war not to spread in East Africa regions , after this guy Frank Carlucci is a long-standing Republican Party insider whose track record includes serving as defense secretary under President Ronald Reagan, as deputy director of the CIA, and as a diplomat and Foreign Service officer during various administrations dating back to the 1950s was involved to in the saga which hunts many people of this beautiful Island of Zanzibar.

It was few Zanzibari in 1960 who went to London to study and recruited to get scholarship to Cuba under Abrahman Babu influence , China and Russia which rise the alarm of the Regime in Washington , Zanzibar will be the cuba of East Africa , Quickly Franck Caluchi was dispached to Kenya and try to Convice Jomo Kenyatta the danger of the cold war if Zanzibar become the the communist regime , Kenyatta refuse to unite with Zanzibar .
So Americans have to run quickly to Nyerere in Tanganyika to convince the danger of his regime to be over thrown by communist of the shore of Zanzibar .Nyerere quickly agree with Americans to unite this Islands of Zanzibar and to form today Tanzania but many new generation dont know why this union was formed for what reason after 49 yrs ?

And Many Zanzibari are asking who is Frank Calucci ?

Lumumba Assassination and Carlucci initiatives’

In the early 1960s, Carlucci was working as a diplomat in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when he allegedly became involved in a conspiracy that led to the assassination of Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. In 2002, Carlucci’s lawyers successfully pressured the distributor of the HBO film Lumumba to delete any references to their client. A scene that was cut from the movie depicted Carlucci and his boss, Ambassador Clare Timberlake, in a meeting with Congolese officials who were plotting Lumumba's murder. Carlucci contends that he and Timberlake had no knowledge whatsoever of the plot, telling Pacific News, “There's no substantiation to that charge in any of the reviews done on Lumumba's death by the United Nations or the recent Belgian book or Maddie Kalb's book. ... If you go through the Kalb book [which was based on declassified U.S. cables], you'll find no references .

His State Department assignments took him to South Africa, the Congo, Zanzibar, and Brazil between 1957 and 1969. He left the State Department in 1969 to join the Office of Economic Opportunity as assistant director, and moved up to director late in 1970. He then became associate director and deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget (1971-72) and under secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (1972-74). At both places he worked under Caspar Weinberger.

“In 1975 Carlucci returned to the State Department to serve as ambassador to Portugal until 1978, when he went to the Central Intelligence Agency as deputy director, staying until January 1981. The next month he joined Weinberger at the Department of Defense as deputy secretary. Strongly supported by Weinberger, Carlucci was selected for the post even though some of President Reagan's advisers opposed him because he had served in the Carter administration.

As deputy secretary he worked closely with Weinberger, assuming responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Pentagon and overseeing the defense budget and procurement. He created the Defense Resources Board and proposed the ‘Carlucci initiatives’ to bring more stability and order into the defense procurement process.
“Carlucci left the Pentagon in January 1983 to become president and later chairman and chief executive officer of Sears World Trade, Inc., in Washington.

He stayed with Sears until 1986, when he moved to the White House as assistant to the president for national security affairs. In 1985-86, while still with Sears, he served on the President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management, chaired by David Packard. Carlucci worked particularly on the issues of long-range planning and the budgeting and programming process.
“Given his extensive experience in national security affairs, Carlucci was a natural choice to succeed Weinberger; he took office on 23 November 1987.

Caryle Group !
Carlucci was hired by the Carlyle Group in 1989, shortly after Reagan’s second term ended. He was initially brought on as vice chairman, becoming chairman in 1993. His tenure at Carlyle was notable in part for the firm’s increasing investments in defense an aerospace industries. According to the Washington Post, “Carlyle began to find its groove after the partners recruited Carlucci as vice chairman in 1989 (later, he became chairman) to raise the firm's profile and help spot investment opportunities. Carlyle started buying and selling defense and aerospace contractors, including Magnavox, an electronics manufacturer (profit: $270 million); BDM, an information services firm (profit: $310 million); and Howmet, a jet engine parts manufacturer (profit: $680 million).”

The Guardian reported in 2001, “When Carlucci arrived there [at Carlyle] in 1989, he brought with him a phalanx of former subordinates from the CIA and the Pentagon, and an awareness of the scale of business a company like Carlyle could do in the corridors and steak-houses of Washington. In a decade and a half, the firm has been able to realize a 34% rate of return on its investments, and now claims to be the largest private equity firm in the world. Success brought more investors, including the international financier George Soros and, in 1995, the wealthy Saudi Bin Laden family, who insist they long ago severed all links with their notorious relative. The first president Bush is understood to have visited the Bin Ladens in Saudi Arabia twice on the firm's behal

We are celebrating cold war Union and preaching African iniative union !

RESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete is expected to lead Tanzanians in marking the 49th anniversary of the Union Day between Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

The celebration party will be held in Dar es Salaam, where dignitaries from both Tanganyika and Zanzibar will be in attendance.But the ruling party is facing the challenge never face before the new generation have trushed this party .Which many youth see this party is club of few corrupt individual few days ago we saw Gd Bless Lema from the Oppostion party Chadema how he was welcomed in one college and reginal Leader of that region was shunned by youth , you can see teh video above.

CCM have lost touch with new generation from both sides of the union while there is another tsunami is coming of writing new constitution, this will be the test how this party will either get stronger or be a history like KANU in Kenya after losing touch with poor people and youth.

The liberazion of the economy have created sentiment among the regions where other regions didnt witness any progress to up lift the life standard and un employment is the second challenge will make 2015 election another challnge for this old Man grand party from Butiama.

While the other side of the union in Zanzibar 66% of Zanzibari want new structure of the union and With the new constitution to give more autonmy to this Islands is stregth and new slogan for Opposition party include the separtion and division of the unions revenue , employment , Internation relation and many sentiment people of Zanzibar are not happy with the curent strucrture of this union. The old dog very soon in this islands will find them self loose the youth who want change after 50 yrs of this shaky Union.

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has said that it is illogical to break the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar because majorities of Tanzanians still have interests and benefits from it.

But this old Revolutional guard in Zanzibar fail to undestand this new generation why if the union is benefiting you why new generation is fighting it to dissolve this union ?

Zanzibar President was coated speaking .

Unfortunately those who are fighting for the Union to collapse are those who have already benefitted either in work promotion, education or have economic projects in either part of the Union.

Dr Shein called upon the current
generations to refrain from activities that intended to break the Union.

The thinking of breaking the union is not right as the good intentions in social integration and increased economic power between two parties are more pertinent now than before, he said.

The founders of the Union who came from the two political parties TANU and ASP fulfilled their obligations, he said adding that it is upon the current generations to safeguard it instead of harbouring the thinking that it should be broken.

“Our Union has benefited both citizens of the Union, whereby people in other parts of the world envy us the way we live as children of one family without discrimination,” he said citing some attempted examples which failed as Egypt and Syria, Guinea, Senegal and Gambia.

He said the continued existence of the Union is a pride for Tanzanians in the eyes of the world.

“The Union government has decided to rewrite the Constitution with the intention of, among other things, improving the Union for the benefit of both sides, but some people are bent at breaking it,” he said.

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