Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Many analyst see RUTO is very ambitions man looking for the Presidency position very soon 

For a long time now political analysts have been expecting a move from supporters of Deputy President holding the JUBILEE coalition ransom. It finally came yesterday but not in the way anybody would have imagined.

It was widely expected that such a move would have been linked to the appointments that the government continues to make that are nowhere near the 50/50 that is on paper. It is more like 99/1 in favour of TNA at the moment. Some say 100/0 in favour of TNA, while leaving URP out in the cold.

But when URP made their move yesterday it was totally unexpected. The party says that it is not comfortable working with people who “coached” witnesses against William Ruto during the Kibaki administration and want them urgently removed from office immediately or else...

What makes the URP move even more interesting is the fact that the individuals in question (not named in their statement but pretty obvious) are high ranking government officials in Internal security and the overall administration of the JUBILEE government that were inherited from Kibaki and are key players in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s most urgent agenda currently on the drawing boards. In short they are people the president cannot do without just now.

Political observers with a memory close to that of an elephant will remember that the fall out between Mwai Kibaki’s DP and Raila Odinga’s LDP in 2003 started in exactly the same way. MPs allied to Raila started making noise whilst Raila himself pretended that he had no idea what was going on. But shortly thereafter the gloves came off and the split was imminent.

And therefore it would seem that it is only a matter of time before Ruto himself joins his foot soldiers and starts making noise… and history will have repeated itself, right?


As much as CORD sympathizers are now rubbing their hands with glee and telling us that they told us so, the truth is that there are plenty of differences between the relationship of Uhuru and Ruto on one hand and that of Raila and Kibaki at the time the infamous MOU between LDP and Kibaki started falling apart in 2003. For starters Uhuruto or Uhuru and Ruto are joined at the hip in a way that Raila and Kibaki never were.

Insiders have assured this blogger that the two men tore into pieces and tossed out of the window their pre-election agreement the minute they entered State house and Ruto will never raise a finger against the appointment ratio. That would explain why the issue URP has brought up is about something totally different and indeed not about appointments. Actually it is about a seemingly petty issue in comparison; that of some poor government officials who were simply following instructions from Kibaki and his handlers to finish Ruto.

It is also true that URP cannot even sneeze without Ruto’s nod. Which would mean that Ruto is fully behind the current rebellion and threats targeted at the president.

So the big question here is; what is really going on here? The answer is rather complex but shocking and it is ALL revealed in my latest raw notes.

However Kenyans need to know that William Ruto is one of the most cunning political players the banana republic has ever produced and you underestimate him only at your own peril. It seems that the president and deputy president are working together to give the commander in chief the perfect excuse to get rid of some excess baggage that is weighing him down. That is the new Kenya politics for you. Keep your eyes very closely on this unfolding drama and be sure that there are a number of dramatic twists and turns that are in the pipeline.

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