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Who is this East African president who will fall in the hands of terrorists?

Now TB Joshua has predicted that an East African President will soon be kidnapped by terrorists. 

With all due respect to Prophet T.B. Joshua, his successful SCOAN related ministries and all of his followers from all nations, the already uttered prophecy about an East African president being kidnapped by terrorists, drug cartel or some sort of retired mercenaries from South Africa and former South West Africa - who happen to be in their fifties and sixties by now, seems to be very far fetched due to a variety of reasons.OR BOB DENARD Now is dead to protect French Intrest now may be protect new deal of New Gold (OIL ) in East Africa 

First of all, there is no way that any group of existing sleeper cells or cluster shells of terrorists based on the continent and elsewhere will be able to lay their hands on anyone of the seating presidents from the East African nations.

Rule out Yoweri Museveni who has been very well protected by more than five layers of security, and he is a person who has survived so many attempts on his life dating back to the days of the days of evading state agents and hired hit men while in exile, during the liberation struggle of Uganda, the civil war and even after he finally became the president of Uganda. 

As for Jakaya Kikwete, the issue of being kidnapped by terrorists or regional extremists is the least of his worries due to the fact that the country's well established, time tested intelligence services that learned to horn their skills in an era when Tanzania was one of the frontline states is still operational.

Further, a network of highly trained network of patriotic agents within the nation's security services, and above all, the majority of Tanzanian people - unlike their northern neighbours - are very patriotic when it comes to protecting and preserving all things Tanzanian.

Concerning Paul Kagame, his security track record speaks for itself in terms of volumes and volumes with regard to personal as well as national security of Rwanda. Therefore, terrorists or even exiled elements from the ousted former regime will have a very difficult time in attempting to take a crack at him, regardless of whether he is home, in the country or abroad.

That leaves us with Uhuru Kenyatta a man whom Prophet T.B. Joshua may have had in mind for all the wrong prophetic reasons associated with his predictions that have come to be branded with a rating of 99% accuracy. 

Without going into any details about the security mushroom, call it umbrella if you will, that exists around the president of Kenya and his family, there is not a chance in any way, shape of form that the enemies of the state and Kenyan people would have to attempt such an move in broad daylight or in the middle of the night.

So, let those elements bent on destruction and cross-border criminal enterprises as foretold in T.B. Joshua's prophecy, try carrying out any criminal mischief, evil intentions in anyone of the greater East African nations.

A fore warned opponent or enemy is always well prepared and ready for any eventualities. A sledge hammer awaits the intruders at the hour or day of their choice.

Let the agents of a darkened mindset, whoever they maybe and wherever they are, bring it on. The awakened defenders of their respective nations will roll and rock them in very surgical ways and broad manner than ever expected.

Lastly, Prophet T.B. Joshua may have chewed more than he will ever swallow in a prophetic scroll eating mia culpa mia culpa mia maxima culpa ritual, several months or years from November of 2013.W
e only human and so naturally our record for predictions is NOT 100% and I do not want to make the excuse that there are a few instances where we have had reason to believe that our leaked info has caused “the villains” to abandon their plans. And so our record since inception on predictions is a measly 91 %. There are those who think that this is quite a good score but the problem is that our esteemed regular readers prefer to focus on the times we have been wrong. Those they never forget (LOL!!).

The first time I heard of TB Joshua, he was predicting the death of an African president. I ignored that one while we did some extra digging to find out exactly where this guy was coming from. But shortly after that sensational prophecy Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika passed on and there was an internet storm over the prophecy and its’ fulfillment. I have carefully looked through the man’s prophecies and his record is much better . Actually so far I have found only one prophecy (concerning the end of the Boko Haram terror by 2012) which never came to pass. Indeed the man’s record for being proved right is so scarily high that conmen frequently use his name to make predictions and end up causing great panic.

Now TB Joshua has predicted that an East African President will soon be kidnapped by terrorists. WHOA!! Already that prophecy has sent shock waves across the region. Let us look at the facts on the ground a little more closely to identify the president who may soon be in the hand of terrorists (if TB Joshua’s track record holds). There is some astounding info of developments on the ground

Was the government clandestinely behind the Westgate attack? I have personally refused to believe that there is any iota of truth in those persistent rumours so much so that I have not even bothered to follow up with my contacts on the issue. But something amazing has happened. I have received a handful of reports from some of my contacts of crazy crazy things that happened during the Westgate attack that I can no longer ignore. In fact they have made me sit up and give the whole thing (as bizarre as it may sound) a second look. The latest report . It is an eye witness report from a survivor who was at Westgate shopping mall during the attack and the strange things she saw one of her regular customers at the mall doing during the attack and as gunfire continued in earnest.

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