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Those who have read Why Was Mutula Murdered? . But what is even more fascinating are the circumstances under which the Ephedrine overdose was disguised and introduced into the late senators high security home. It is just plain mind boggling and had to be the work of a highly professional assassin unlikely to be Kenyan, but the motive of the murder is linked to the ICC trials.
Amazingly, it is quite likely that the Ephedrine would have been overlooked altogether during the post mortem had it not been for a curious and annoying demand that the foreign pathologist insisted on shortly after he landed in the country (it pays to rely on experts). The PatholThe late senator Mutula Kilonzo's murder was the most high tech assassination to ever happen on these shores. The special report I produced shortly after the death of the Makueni politician Why Was Mutula Murdered?
he presence of ephedrine is significant and may have contributed to the death “ Any expert able to decipher the report will tell you that everything else on the same report is consistent with death caused by taking an overdose of ephedrine.

We have 2 sub-types of Kenyans, the Patrotic like JM Kariuki, Pio Gama Pinto, Dedan Kimathi, RAO, and then you have Vampires who feed on their own- they murder some of their own in cold blood…then like juice, prey on their blood…
I still can’t understand why Mutula- a brilliant celebrity lawyer had to die in the year of Jubilee- half a century since independence- and under suspicious circumstances.

As a security analyst let me piece the evidence collected at the site of “possible homicide or murder” together….some pills found in his bedroom are usually taken at a maximum recommended dose of 200 mg or 1 pill.
However a 1000 mg pill of a drug that’s usually a maximum of 200mg was found in Mutula’s bedroom.
Those high strength pills(2 of them because he took 1) could have been placed in his med bottle even long time ago, but his detractors knew that one day he would take the high strength dose of 1000 mg (which is usually taken as 200 mg). That’s an equivalent of 10 pills, when actually he needed one. For those poor in math 200mg x5 pills=1000mg. It was the British Pathologist (hats off to this man because he saved us from a cover-up) who insisted on the strength of each pill being ascertained, that is how in a lab, it was established that a pill with a strength 10 times higher than the recommended dose was in the pill bottle.

So he unknowingly took 5 times the dose required=1000mg instead of the usual 200mg… then vasodilation galore took place, and that’s how we lost my favorite lawyer, due to hypotension… where blood pressure drops so low to maybe 75/20 against a 120/60 therapeutic standard. 60/20 is enough to deny vital organs like brain; kidneys blood supply….what in medical parlance is called shock……Its true he probably died of an overdose, but it was clandestinely executed to make it look like he committed suicide by overdosing.

This is what happened, someone with mischievous intentions, probably a government agent in a KGB style entered Mutula’s bedroom and placed those 1000mg high strength pills- Identical to his regular 200mg pills but with ultra-high strength- that’s how he died…. in cold blood….who was this animal who did this, someone tell me why?

His pharmacist might also have been paid millions or billions, to place those 2 pills each 1000mg into his med bottle while dispensing. Then while relaxing at his ranch, Mutula took one of the 1000mg identical pills. And pap!, the dude was overdosed. There are many “river road ” based locally owned drug mills which could have collaborated with powerful people in executing this heinous act.

Assassinations keep growing sophisticated in Kenya……as every murder becomes better executed than the previous, they aren’t using bullets no more…they are using wits… was his pharmacist used to put such a high strength pill onto his pill bottle? Or did someone close to him access his bedroom? Those who planned his murder, most likely higher placed and powerful people- knew either his pharmacist or people in his farm, or befriended him or people around him.

Mutula was known to demand justice for the ICC victims, and was loathed by the wielders of impunity in Kenya. So if you wonna know how Mutula’s cold murder was executed, it’s all laid there for you to read. Hope the average brain can understand. If you can’t just ask your questions and I will answer you in the comments section below- if you have queries about how I pieced this together.

His pharmacist and those in his farm should be investigated and maybe prosecuted. They should be water-boarded and maybe frog-matched until they can reveal the higher-ups who paid them to do that heinous act. They are accomplices in crime. Pliers are also very effective. Whenever I used it, confessions grew by a record 3000%!

Anybody, whose fingerprints are in his door-knobs, and maybe his med-cabinet, should be prosecuted and/or investigated too. We finally have a theory that implicates them. A theory that proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Makueni Senator was murdered in a KGB style executed overdose- in cold blood. Someone inbox this to Keriako Tobiko this for immediate action.

The challenge for any shoddy Kenyan Prosecutor however would be to prove that he took the 1 pill x 1000mg=1000mg and not 5 pills x 200mg pills=1000mg. However, the 1000mg pill makes it a prima facie case watertight enough to secure an indictment in a just court of Law, unless they want to “MUTUNGA” the case. All they need is a secondary circumstantial or material evidence, like say fingerprints on the med bottle, door knob, or even CCTV footage, that shows a suspicious person (a government agent) hovering around Mutula. Someone who can be linked to the 1000mg pill.

The farm-men, the pharmacist, and anybody whose fingerprints are dusted- if a bit water-boarded could confess and/or reveal a few more names in high places, especially if they can use pliers or hypnotic interrogation techniques. But good luck with the hypnotic interrogation technique coz am the only Kenyan-born law enforcement expert who- thanks to LAPD experience has the know-how to use a hypnotic interrogation technique to extract a confession.

Frank Njenga can do the therapeutic one. I can tell you for sure, when I do mine, it’s not therapeutic, coz you will curse the day you were born, coz I will be doing it, with plier in hand.

The writer is a Security Expert. He has a BA in Criminology.

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