Monday, 2 December 2013


Former President Mwai Kibaki declined to answer questions from eager participants who gathered at the University of Nairobi to listen to his first public lecture since leaving office.

After delivering a speech on Kenya’s journey of independence to the 50th year, Kibaki simply nodded or brushed off questions from the floor.
The moderator, Jeff Koinange who also asked Kibaki what advice he had for young Kenyan leaders, caused more laughter after the ex-president asked him to speak up when asking questions.
“When you ask the question, speak up,” Kibaki said to which Koinange respond…”the President is asking me to speak up?”
There was another bout of laughter after Kibaki gave a contradictory answer to a question asked on Twitter
Charles Kamau on Twitter asked, is there one thing you did as a young man that made you who you are today that can impact young people out there today?”

Amidst giggles from the floor, Kibaki took some seconds before responding.
“No! (laughter) absolutely no, for the reason that it is a wrong manner of thinking that after you have been through with your life, you want to think what you should have done. It is wrong, it is wrong logic,” Kibaki responded.

“You should consider what you should do now… because that is the only thing that can make sense. What you should have done you should have done it that time, because you did not do it that time, why are you thinking backwards,” he wondered.

Koinange went ahead to ask for more questions from the tickled audience who did not give up posing some more to the former Head of State.

When he was asked if he had any regrets in the 10 years he had led Kenya, he answered with a drawn out nod for a no.

He also refused to say what advice he would give to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.


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