Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mjue Mwanamapinduzi Abdulla Kassim Hanga na wengine waliokumbana na mateso na mauaji.

Biography: Abdullah Kassim Hanga was Prime Minister of Zanzibar from 12 January 1964 to 27 April 1964.
Born: January 01, 1932
Killed : January 01, 1969 (age 37)
Occupation: Politician In 1969 after the trial of fourteen who were accused of coup planing by Karume followed by the execution of four defendants. Two of this are the First Vice President Hanga and the Ambassador to United States Mr Othman sheriff , no record of the trial proceeding no details of the court proceeding no composition of proceeding or evidence have ver been provided and the Tanzania Government  had to date un able  or un willing to provide the details to the family of the this individuals if were excuted.

President Julius Nyerere is pictured on January 16th when he addressed an open air rally where the detained former Tanzania Minister and Vice-President of Zanzibar was brought to face the people. Mr. Kassim Hanga (seated between two police officers) is under detention with a number of other top Tanzanians after allegedly boasting that he had been called from voluntary exile in Guinea to lead an army coup on Zanzibar

Hanga na Kambona walikua marafiki sana. Kambona kachukiza kwa Nyerere na Hanga kachukiza kwa Karume.Nyerere kamkamata Hanga akamrudisha Zanzibar kwa Karume, akateswa na akauliwa.

Mjue Jaha Ubwa.

Mjue Mwalim Saleh Sadalla Akida.

Mjue Mamba ( Rashid Abdulla)

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