Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Chadema concerned over public interests over Katiba

Chadema has threatened to stage walk outs during the Constituent Assembly should they feel that the proceedings are not in the interests of the general public.

Mr Freeman Mbowe
Mr Freeman Mbowe

Speaking to journalists, Chadema National Chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe said that it was their firm conviction that over 80 per cent of the members picked by President Jakaya Kikwete were CCM cadres and not a true representation of the nation.“The session starts next week and we are going to actively take part but at this juncture we are issuing a warning that if decisions and resolutions are passed that favour one party and not the interests of the people, we will not hesitate to boycott,” he said.

Mr Mbowe said that his party had foreseen the negativity in letting the President select members in each category and the reason why they had a long debate about it but later gave in because like many things in politics there is give and take.He said that from the selection of the Constitute Assembly members, he had no doubt that Tanzanians will now know what Chadema’s fuss was all about in who gets to choose the members.

Giving feedback of what was agreed upon from the Central Committee ordinary meeting held on Friday, Mr Mbowe said that they had nominated Ms Grace Tendega to vie for Kalenga constituency in Iringa region.“Unlike other political parties, we follow concise steps before selecting candidates. The reports that appeared within the media citing that Mr Lucas Sinkala was the candidate are not true, for the first time in a by-election, we are contesting a female candidate,” he said.

Mr Freeman Mbowe said that the central committee among its resolutions decided to lift its ban against its councillors from attending council meetings. Mr Mbowe said that they had decided to lift the ban in order to ensure better audit of public funds.Recently, CCM picked Godfrey Mgimwa, the son of the former Kalenga Member of Parliament and the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr William Mgimwa who passed away earlier this year, to contest for the by-election in the constituency.The campaigns are expected to officially start February 19. In the party’s opinion polls, Mgimwa scooped 348 votes out of 708 of the total cast votes, trouncing nine other contestants.

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