Thursday, 20 February 2014


The CCM members threatening to differ with their party stand over the Union structure can now heave a sigh of relief after the draft Standing Orders for the Constituent Assembly gave them the freedom to debate any issue brought before them without influence from anybody or institution.The proposed standing orders have put control over political parties, groups or individuals who would seek to remotely control its members in the house.

If passed as it is, section 6(3) of the proposed Orders gives each CA member freedom to debate any issue without being cajoled by any person or institution.“Without prejudice to the laws and these orders, each member of the Constituent Assembly shall discharge his/her responsibilities freely, and he/she will not be forced, pressured or receive directives from any person or institution,” reads the section.The party said last week that all its members, including MPs and those from the Zanzibar House of Representatives would be required to support and defend party position which will be presented in the CA. CCM Ideology and Publicity secretary, Mr Nape Nnauye, said last week here that the party would present its stand which will have to be supported by its representatives in the Assembly.But the stated section of the proposed Standing Orders now gives the members freedom to support anything they want without external influence.

The draft document was presented to the members yesterday and they have been given until the end of the week to go through it before debating it starting Monday. It will be debated for three days before it is adopted or rejected by the CA on Wednesday.Another control put by the draft orders is in section 19(2) which puts conditions on institutions with intention of blocking its members from attending the sessions.According to the proposed section, any institution which plans to withhold its member from attending the session should first notify the chairman in writing.Meanwhile, issues regarding rights of the CA will be given preference in the setting of daily activities of the assembly. Even when such an issue emerges while the Assembly is in session, the chairman would be required to adjourn the on going activity to give room for the debate on the matter regarding the rights of CA members.In the setting of daily schedule of activities, oath by member will be the first activity to be followed by a statement from the chairman and then issues regarding rights of CA members. This will be followed by committee reports and finally any other business which the CA wants to undertake in that order.“Running of daily activities will be undertaken following this order or any other arrangement to be prescribed by the chairman,” notes section 29(2) of the proposed Standing Orders.Also Interim chairperson of the Constituent Assembly Pandu Kificho has formed a special  committee of twenty members to work with him in the house.
Members include the Attorney General Justice Frederick Werema, Deputy Minister for  Constitution and Legal Affairs Angela Kairuki, Energy and Minerals Deputy Minister  George Simbachawene, Prof Costa Mahalu, Tundu Lissu, Prof Abdul Sharif, Aboubakar  Khamis Bakar, Othman Massoud Othman, Hassan Juma and Usi Jecha Simae.Others are Ismail Jusa Ladhu, Magdalena Rwebangira, Evod Mmanda, Aman Mpanjo,  Honoratha Chitanda, Nakaziel Tenga, Peter Mziray, Elizabeth Minde, Tulia Akison and  Hadila Hilary Vuai.  

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