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Former Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who is currently in the United States attending a lecture series for retired African heads of state, addressed the congregation of St Stephens Church located in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has condemned the attack at a church in Mombasa on Sunday terming it a cowardly act of terrorism.The Cord leader, who is currently in the US on invitation of the African Presidential Centre at Boston University in Massachusetts, said Kenya would not succumb to such acts of groups that lack respect for human life.
“We must jointly condemn in the strongest terms possible, the acts of terrorism which took place at the church in Mombasa.“The attack was meted against innocent people who were praying.“These are some of the things we are going through but we will defeat them,” he said.Gunmen, with faces covered in balaclavas, attacked the Joy in Jesus Church in Kenya's coastal city on Sunday at 10.30am.


According to witnesses, one gunman entered the church through the back door and started shooting indiscriminately while two others, armed with an AK-47 rifle and a pistol, waited outside and shot fleeing Lilian Omondi, the pastor’s wife, said one of the attackers who entered the church was tall and slender, dressed in a long-sleeved yellow shirt.On Sunday, Mr Odinga joined Kenyans in the Diaspora in sending condolence messages to families of those afflicted.

“I want to express our joint condolences to those people who have lost their dear ones in Mombasa.“I was informed when coming here that there had been a terrorist attack in Mombasa,” he told the congregation at St Stephens Church in Lowell, Massachusetts,Rev Samuel Kimohu, senior pastor at the church, urged the Kenyan government to act fast and deal with the attackers.“The church is where Christians go to communicate with God. It is a place where those who are troubled go to find peace. It is therefore worrying that it has now become a soft target for terrorists. This must be stopped,” he said.

he simulated response by Ambassador Charles Stith, Director of the African Presidential Center at Boston University is an indictment of the team he was attempting to defend. Ambassador Stith comes out as a defenders of the freedoms and rights of the Common person in his past pronouncements, but this one time; hisresponse was devoid of any historical facts about Kenya or Africa, and starved of the truth. His demeaning lecture directed to the Kenyan parliamentary debate, demonstrates an underlying disrespect of the peoples of Kenya.Ambassador Stith didn’t acknowledge that progressive Kenyans living in USA engaged his institution about the procedural Invitation. The thrust of this diplomatic engagement was that Ambassador Stith and his team, were setting a bad precedence by inviting Raila Odinga; amongst distinguished former heads of states and Governments.
Those who raised issues with the Invitation indicated that there was Incontrovertible evidence that Raila was not a former head of State or Government of Kenya, The Ambassador should have been aware of all this.
Raila was never elected or appointed under the Constitution of Kenya. He was however appointed by Kofi Annan’s team, after which Kenyans were coerced in to amending the Constitution to legalize the illegality Raila had sworn that he would reject the results of the 2007 General elections if he lost, President Kibaki won the controversial elections and Raila declared himself President. For two months, his Militia massacred the Kikuyu as the world stared. ODM led pentagon issued an ultimatum on the 26th January 2008, that unless Kibaki Resigned or agreed to power sharing; His Community would be annihilated.
By holding the nation under the muzzle of the gun, the international community offered him the positions of Prime minister that he was demanding. The Constitution of Kenya didn’t have a provision for a Prime Minister at the time, and doesn’t have it to date. He immediately commanded his militia to stop the killing, and they did.
Conventional-wisdom would not excuse any one associating Raila with democratic principles. After leading a coup in 1982 and the 2007/2008 violence. Including Raila Odinga amongst distinguished nationalist such as, Former Tanzanian Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye, or former Tanzanian President His Excellence Ali Hassan Mwinyi is denigrating the values and dignity that Boston University espouses.
Kenyans in the USA hold Boston University as an institution’ ’in very high esteem. We appreciate the organizers effort to honor past heads States and Governments, at such a huge cost at the expense of Tax payers Dollars; all we request is that this worth exercise, be used to mutually benefit the Countries represented.
A visit to the Official website of Boston University clearly enumerates what Constitutes a former head of State or Government, The Ambassador is either poorly briefed about the politics of Kenya, or selectively appointed to abuse and politicizing the program for ulterior motives.
Many Kenyans in the Diaspora are now petitioning Boston University to reconsider their association with Raila Odinga as ‘’former head of State’’ of Kenya Government. He should be recognized as an Opposition party leader "De facto leader of ODM". He has indicated and even started his campaign for Presidency in 2017, if elected he should be honored as the head of the Government of Kenya.
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