Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Calls to ovahaul Kenya security organs

Calls to overhaul the internal security and intelligence systems have been reiterated by the Inter Religious Council of Kenya(IRCK). The council members held a press conference on Tuesday in Nairobi to condemn the attacks in Mpeketoni that have left over 60 people dead over the past two days. Canon Peter Karanja of the National Council of Churches of Kenya said punitive action should be taken against those found culpable for allowing Kenyans to be killed in such a manner.“We call upon the government to go beyond interdicting hapless administration and police chiefs. If these government officials bear any responsibility for the attack, they should be arrested and charged in court, not transferred.”“We in particular challenge the government to immediately overhaul the intelligence gathering system so as to have one that is effective,” urged Karanja  .
Also speaking at the same event, Chairman of the IRCK Adan Wachu called on the government to compensate the families of the aggrieved, more so in view that the killers targeted men who were the breadwinners.“It is incomprehensible that Kenyans can continue to be killed by criminals. We thus call upon his Excellency the President to do all that is within his powers to protect the lives and property of all Kenyans.”“In this regard, we call upon the government to provide psychosocial and material support to the affected families, until they recover and rebuild their life sustenance systems,” Wachu pleaded.The religious leaders also condemned some of the statements made during CORD rallies saying they instigates violence and breeds hatred amongst communities.They urged Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku to substantiate such allegations to avoid maligning people’s names.“If indeed there are connections between the political theatrics that are going on in Kenya now and such attacks, evidence should be gathered and presented in court and crime prosecuted as is necessary,” said Karanja.
“But some of the remarks made in some of those rallies border on treason and inciting Kenyans and I think we must ask the politicians to act with great restraint.”The religious leaders called on Kenyans to unite at this time of national sorrow urging them to continue living as brother and sister regardless of faith, colour, race, ethnic background or political affiliation.The attacks in Lamu started on Sunday night when gunmen hijacked two vans at Witu and commandeered the driver to Mpeketoni where they opened fire indiscriminately at anyone they came across, leaving at least 60 people dead in 48 hours.

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