Saturday, 31 October 2015


Since the illegal attempted annulment of the general election of October 25th 2015 by the Chairman of the Zanzibar Electoral Commission, Jecha Salim Jecha, our country has been plunged into a crisis.

Our citizens cannot comprehend why the ZEC Chairman took this action to cancel their democratic rights and why the final results of the general election have still not been announced.

The situation is being aggravated by incidents that appear calculated to instill fear in our citizens and to destroy peace in our country.

Different sources have alleged that there have been bombings in Mkunazini yesterday (October 30th) and Michenzani today on the main island of Zanzibar.
The Civic United Front believes that the CCM is behind these incidents as they are an attempt to deflect the attention of the people of Zanzibar and the international community from the crisis in order to diminish pressure for the completion of the results and for the announcement of a winner in the election.

CUF condemns these incidents.

We believe that CCM is behind them because of the overwhelming number of security forces that have been deployed around the islands before, during and after the election.

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar spent billions of shillings on installing CCTV cameras around the islands that are programmed to surveil an area up to one kilometer.
Both places where the incidents were reported are within sight of the CCTV cameras. How is it possible that they cannot identify those who planted the bombs?

In addition, since last night we have received numerous reports of people being beaten and property destroyed. This is on top of the actions in Tumbatu where four houses were burnt to the ground, 29 more houses and one mosque destroyed and 16 people severely injured at the hands of CCM security forces.

In order to legitimize the attempted nullification of the general election CUF is aware of moves by CCM to destroy the result sheets and create new ones.

This move has been targeted in the constituencies of Chake Chake, Chonga and Mkoani on the island of Pemba.

Our candidate, Maalim Seif Sherif Hamad, won the election and, despite all of attempts by the CCM to hang on to power, is ready to lead the country in a spirit of unity, reconciliation and partnership with the CCM leadership in a Government of National Unity.

CUF would also like to assure all Zanzibaris that the government headed up by Maalim Seif Sherif Hamad will be a government for all the people of Zanzibar, without regard to political affiliation, religion, or ethnicity.

In implementing that promise the CUF led government of national unity will be prepared to forget the past in order to promote reconciliation through dialogue. We will not seek revenge.

Maalim Seif is prepared to engage the CCM leaders in Zanzibar and on the Tanzania mainland, and to clear all the distrust between us through dialogue.

Our government will engage all the people in the development of the country.
What is important is that we do all this within the framework of the constitution, which means continuing the tabulation of election results and announcing a winner.

Finally, CUF would like to advise the people to remain patient and to protect the peace of our country. Many initiatives are underway that include the international community and organizations within the country aimed at solving this crisis.

Nassor Ahmed Mazrui
Deputy Secretary General CUF, Minister of Trade and Industry, Zanzibar

October 31, 2015

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