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How Rigging was planned for last election and future elections ?

Aliyekuwa mgombea urais Zanzibar kupitia CUF, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad akiwa na aliyekuwa mgombea urais wa Tanzania Edward Lowassa

For those who don’t know the intricacies of how rigging is usually done, I think it would be right to start with a brief appreciation of certain key points.

- Vote rigging works best when the results are close. That is one of the reasons why Edward Lowassa and his advisors failed to read the numbers corectly  rigging in October 2015 ended up being so disastrous. The truth is that Lowassa  had a massive lead. In sharp contrast Magufuli never got caught because the results were always much closer. 

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Who had perfected the art of rigging  at Dimani constituency.

If Referendum confirmed reality of young restless voters
For better or for worse the baton has been passed on to the younger generation of Bongoland. These voters will quickly abandon party lines if there is the slightest reason for them to do so. We saw this happen in the Dimani  by-election with devastating consequences. Dimani  is an interesting constituency because it has a voter profile that is very different from the rest of the country in that the majority of registered voters are younger citizens. These people firmly rallied behind the CUF candiadate The vast majority of the young people were solidly behind the CUF challenge to CCM and why ? .However at the very last minute they abandoned their candidate and voted for CUF. The reason was that their candidate was boring, had zero charisma and hardly gave voters any reason to vote for him apart from the fact that he was  from ruling party CCM candidate. We saw the same devastating trend played out right across the country during the last election . Many  young voters  voted against the same party which ruined the country and corrupt but the youngsters of Tanzanians  had no doubt on their minds what they wanted. Interestingly even youths from many churches, and mosques  across the country defied their church leadership and voted for Opposition who will quickly find out how unpredictable the young and restless can be.

- It is impossible to carry out a rigging exercise without the help of the intelligence service. Why? Because you need very precise and up to date figures to execute a vote rigging operation efficiently. The way it works is that as people are voting you are feverishly collecting figures. In the old days the votes used to be stuffed as the ballot boxes are being transported to one central place in the constituency for counting. These days it is much more expensive because the votes have to be stuffed in each individual polling station. The CCM guys went round that by simply ensuring that the vote count that arrives at the  ELECTIONS HEADQUARTERS  was different from what was on the ground. Clean ups were then organized later in the individual constituencies. It is a massive and extremely expensive exercise these days for Mainland election but they failed in Zanzibar.

- This national model for For the country is often executed at a single constituency where the powerful MP uses his own people. One MP or mastermind  has perfected this system in his constituency in Tanga area .
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Folks I am afraid that I have more bad news for you concerning the new constitution most of us are yearning for. Let me start by confessing that for a person with my years of experience I was rather naïve to believe that those who own Bongoland would ever allow for an electoral system that they did not have any control over. The truth is that the so caled "tamper-proof" electoral roll has already been tampered with and non-existent voters introduced and wastested at Dimani by election last month . And since it is NOT the same electoral roll that we will go to the general elections with, the only conclusion is that the intention is to rig like how by election in Dimani constituency was rigged last month in Zanzibar by using fake voter register.

The game plan by the powerful owners of Bongoland is for the to catch up with the future elections by majority so that the difference is around 20%  right now for the number from secret people who provided this blogger or less. What will then happen is that CCM  will win with a very slim majority. Enough to deny most  Bongo people what they are yearning for so much that they can no longer sleep too well for losing trust on elections commissions. New proposal are on the way in Zanzibar election commission as a test from CCM hardliner from Zanzibar side which are discussed after the shock defeat of last October elections  . Those who have read the document and realize the sweeping changes it will bring into the country and the deadly blow it will deal to impunity.I lough when opposition sleep with out thinking new constitution and new independent election constitution with new mandate from people of this Bongoland

What really scares me is that so far these powerful forces have been able to get things done through the  secret memo and have even influenced the powerful in the CCM ruling class to make certain bizarre rulings to convince opposition to agree on sweaping changes on this apointment plan for new election commission. To me that is evidence enough that they are quite capable of going ahead with their well laid plan even before the shock suprise will come for referendum for new constitution campaigning for a new constitution will be disaster for the opposition and the country while CCM are advocating to appoint new election commissioners as non partisan strategy  but the reality is the study show in Zanzibar future elections commissioners are party hardliners and retired security personnel who will go above and beyond to manipulate , bribe or what ever to secure the CCM wining numbers god know who will be the savior of this Jewel Island from this Mafia crook who are determined to stay in power for any means . There is ONLY one way to stop them. And that is to go back to Warioba draft and start over  and to save our country Bandari ya Salama arios amiga!

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