Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Former Tanzania PM Lowassa endorses Uhuru Kenyatta

Former Tanzania PM Lowassa below during General Nkaisery Funeral
Former Tanzania PM Edward Lowassa.Prime minister of Kenya Below shake hand with fOrmer Vice President of Zanzibar Maalim Seif Shariff Hamad who is member of liberal internation as well like Riala Odinga ..Image result for maalim seif and raila odingaiFormer Prime minister Edward Lowassa has endorsed President Uhuru Kenyatta, saying his party supports him for steering the country well in the last four years.Below Picture FOrmer Prime minsiter of Kenya Rila Oding and Presidential Candidate of NASA opposition  welcomed by Preisdent MAgufuli at his home town for Vacation .Image result for magufuli and raila odinga pictures
Speaking during a one-on-one interview with Citizen Digital after the burial of Interior Cabinet Secretary Maj-Gen (Rtd) Joseph Nkaissery at Ilbisil in Kajiado, the Chadema Party leader  said that the Maasai people in Tanzania support President Kenyatta’s re-election bid.The Chadema Party leader also called on Kenyans to maintain peace during the August 8th General Election, warning them not to revert to the deadly violence witnessed in the 2007 elections.
“I pray that Kenyans seek peace and not repeat the violence [witnessed in the 2007 election]. Peace has been the foundation of your success, let people look for peace in the ballot box and not outside of it,” said the Chadema Party leader Lowassa who lost to President John Magufuli in Tanzania elections held two years ago.

President John Magufuli won the Tanzania presidential election with 58% of the vote even though his rival, Lowassa, at first rejected the official results which showed he had garnered 40% of the ballots cast.Speaking on the state of the East Africa Community  following the coalition of the willing split and suspicions, Lowassa said the regional body has been experiencing expected teething problems.
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While CUF is partner in UKAWA coalition but it foreign policy is member of Liberal International which has same vision as NASA of opposition Raila Odinga .Insider Information from Tanzania ruling party CCM is not endorsing Rila Odinga publicly but CCM insider had spoken the interest of CCM chairman President Magufuli and his Friedship with Raila Since Rails was minsiter of Infastructure and Magufuli was in same position in Tanzania .There Freindship had grown even Raila Odinga seen to vacation with his family and Magufuli hometown.Magufuli seen Below went to Kenya to Campain for Rila Odinga last election in Kenya Image result for magufuli pictures with raila odinga

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