Wednesday, 6 November 2013


This blog has always had a tradition of publishing what others will not touch since 2007, and doing so without fear .  The story you are about to read in couple weeks to come illustrates more than any other that I have written in recent times, how the politics stinks in our beloved country Zanzibar.The founder of this blog has been a consistent supporter of of Opposition party in Bongoland for a very long time but it doesn't means I devide or discriminate people from political sides . Agrees that we cannot ignore the truth for the sake of saving face for utterances or writings of  Today we tell people back home that although the current Leder is a weird choice that the long suffering country are bound to deeply regret electing as he continues to  divide Zanzibari, Mr X too has his own serious problems that clearly make him inappropriate for any public office, anywhere. in the country.  Politics is the first stop of the dossier and clearly illustrates what kind of character we are dealing with here. 

Instructively an interesting thread runs through most of that list and includes mostly powerful persons who were in a position to make certain decisions. However the most disturbing aspect in this entire sordid affair this is  how Mr X was able to penetrate the  high command so quickly so as to get the nod for the position he have the truth is that the second office VP top brass seems to have a certain weakness that makes it very easy for some members with dubious pasts to penetrate it and influence important  decisions.The media plays a key role in every society and everything they tell us, whether true of false, is taken as the gospel truth but in two weeks to come I will break this story online and clear my name.

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