Wednesday, 20 November 2013


These are not the days of one party rule in Kenya for which the old geezers now trying to surround Uhuru thrived in. There are a few things which bind Uhuruto for now:

1. ICC where they either hang together or be hanged separately

2. The new constitution - without Ruto, Uhuru is nothing unless he (Uhuru) changes the constitution.

3. Parliament - Uhuru is weaker than Ruto and therefore Uhuru will fail in any attempts to finish Ruto

4. Political Parties Act - URP and TNA are independent parties.If Uhuru advisers think they can con URP to campaign and vote for him and then runs away with the cake. He is wrong by a wide margin. Uhuru needs URP to pass government agenda in parliament.

5. The Supreme Court - Recent ruling by the SCOK indicates the direction future rulings will take and they dont seem to favor Uhuru.

6. Historical injustices do not favor Uhuru to mess again with the nation of Kenya like his father and Moi did. Kibaki tried and almost burnt the nation and we are not out of the woods yet.

7. There are county governments with their own ideas which do not favor Uhuru's central government.

8. Finally, I believe the promises Mama Ngina gave Ruto cannot be broken.
recent opinion poll has made it clear (tyranny of numbers not withstanding) that a vast majority of Kenyans want to see their leaders behave themselves and stay within the law by attending the ICC trials and clearing their names there.

History was made at the UNSC due to the fact that It's the first time decades that a Security Council resolution has FAILED in such a spectacular way without being VETOED. Kenya will go down in history as a nation whose name was involved when the overwhelming rejection was delivered as a sweeping statement in favour of human rights and victims of political violence. It was a vote against impunity, corruption, "democratically elected" despotic regimes, and above all leaders who think that they own their little African nations.

Who "fixed" William Ruto's undying desire and request at the United Nation to the point where the resolution on their - Kenya's - ICC case was rejected?

And how much money - millions -was paid out to some individuals and influential members at the body - can't remember its name - that meets once in while in Addis Ababa?

What did the members of the organization in question expect by tabling the issue at the UN instead redirecting the same at The Hague?

Least African leaders forget the obvious historical fact that the UN will always gets its way and prevails because the very same representatives of their respective nations end up depending on the UN for everything during severe political crisis, hunger, diseases, natural calamities, and in so many other predictable - preventable - circumstances that have become so common place on the African continent due to very poor leadership, corruption, head-in-the-sand attitude, and other pre-existing political-cum-ethnic squabbles.

By the way, why was the resolution termed as 'Kenya's" when in reality it was Uhuru Kenyatta's and William Ruto's personal resolution with the support of their fair weather political friends and economic bottom feeders?

When did Kenya as a nation vote on it, besides the underhanded political games that continue to be played out within whatever is left of the country's parliament?

BUT still our leaders and the powers that be don't get it. they continue to ignore the crystal clear writing on the wall.

The British response of urging the Kenyan government to move on and look beyond the devastating Security council ruling is fascinating. Basically what they are saying is; "we are your friends lakini hio hatukuweza". They are also saying; "We will always be your friends and wish that you would NOT interprate our actions at the Security council as "unfriendly" towards you. And to prove it the Brits have launched their own initiative to get the trials on video link so that the President and Deputy president can continue ruling Kenya even as their trials proceed.

So far the GOK is still sulking or as ordinary simple Kenyans in some slum somewhere in Kenya would say bado wamfura kama mandazi ya Burma.

But what should concern all thinking Kenyans right now is the fact that for better or for worse we are joined to these two suspects (at the hip) for the duration of their trials and beyond. Whatever

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