Sunday, 29 December 2013


And so the Egyptian government  has designated the Muslim Brotherhood as aterrorist organization officially. It is an official administrative decision based on article No.86 from the Criminal law about terrorism. The government says that it took this decision after knowing that the MB stood behind the bombing of Mansoura directorate , the bombing which Ansar Beit Al Maqids claimed responsibility today !!! There has been no official direct connection proven so far between the MB and the Sinai based Salafist Jihadist to convict the MB for real in front of law.It is worth to mention also that on the night of the bombing almost all TV shows and figures urged the government to declare the MB as a terrorist organization , in fact on the same time it was claimed that PM declared as a terrorist organization. There was a huge pressure on the government for real to declare the MB as a terrorist organization but I am afraid that the government shot itself in the foot.Terrorism won’t stop by this decision.

How are they going to apply it with millions of supporters or hundreds of thousands of supporters in Egypt !? There are no real lists for the MB members so yes it will be fun days of arrests for anybody with no rights at all without the permission. Those are arrested can stand military trials. If any officer opens his fire on alleged terrorist , he won’t be punished because he is fighting terrorism.  The law does not stop here it extended to arresting those who promote the organization through writing , oh yes a witch hunt against writers and journalists !!
It will be one hell of challenges for human rights activists who are currently under fire from both sides.

Of course  Ahram stopped the printing of Freedom and Justice Newspaper daily officially. There is noting about the Freedom and Justice Party by the way. I do not know what its status would be.Now there is one interesting fact here is that this is an administrative decision issued by the Prime minister which can be appealed and overturned by the administrative court. Knowing this from legal experts and lawyers , I can see that this decision can not be used as a card by the regime in the negotiations with the Muslim Brotherhood to lower their demands. After that MB won’t negotiate on reinstating Morsi but rather to remove its name from the terrorist organizations list.This decision is actually another life kiss to the Muslim Brotherhood just like the Rabaa Massacre. The MB had one hell of year in the spot light as political power and party operating no more underground made the Brotherhood for the first time since 80 years lose its public support in a way like no other.
Now the MB is back to its comfort zone , the underground zone where it remained most of its existence , where it flourished and spread.

Both the deep state and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt need each other for survival.The deep state needs the Muslim Brotherhood as the scary bogyman and the MB as I hunted above needs such regime to live and survive as a victim as usual. By the way the rapid rise and fall of MB in two years is scary as well that déjà vu and replay of our history , it is more scarier if I am say because if we are today  reliving The fools are now repeating automatically online and offline that Nasser’s policies were successful and managed to end the Muslim Brotherhood but Sadat revived it back .. etc.
Well those fools do not know that the thought of the MB abroad in Egypt spread more than Nasser’s Pan Arab Nationalism and what resulted it from Siyad Qutb’s thought and books now changed the world in the past 30 years for real unfortunately in bad ways. Those fools of course are the same people who see El Sisi as the reincarnation of Nasser.

The policies of Nasser , the security oppressive policies did not stop any MB though from flourishing in fact I would dare and raise the bars those radical oppressive policies gave a golden opportunity to the radical oppressive thoughts of Siyad Qutb specifically to spread.I am afraid we have tried the security solution alone in the past and it did not work not to mention that the mentality of those are currently in control of this country is the same like in the past , in fact they are faithful students so I do not expect any success. We are repeating the same mistake.The terrorism won’t be stop , in fact I am afraid it may increase especially that the MB youth now think that the days of Sayid Qutb was right and democracy is wrong .. etc. The thing is we did not try all the ways to choose that bloody way.
Anyhow what is scary also is the amount of the public mobilization led by the media in Egypt against all the Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters. Yesterday the TV guests and columnists in Egypt were speaking about death squads to kill the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.

 TV hosts were cheering for how the angry mob in Mansoura went madly destroying shops , companies , clinics , pharmacies and even houses allegedly owned by Muslim Brotherhood members. Online campaigns spread by the Pro-Military supporters to report any Muslim Brotherhood member or supporter to the authorities !! In Mansoura they hanged a banner calling the MB as Egypt’s Jews !! Of course it is anti-Semitic rhetoric but what I see in front of me a scary fascism.Needless to say it is getting dangerously out of hand and one day people will regret what will happen thousands blaming others unfortunately and not blaming themselves.In the end of the day I remember what a wise man had told me yesterday when I asked him about the current situation in Egypt that the revolutionaries are stuck between the old regime and the MB , the biggest two powers in Egypt whose fight weakens the revolutionaries. It is true especially that both powers that are actually anti-revolutionary. 

By the way now sports journalists from the Mubarak era are urging the government to enlist the ULTRAS groups as terrorist groups

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