Thursday, 29 May 2014

Here is the Unofficial results of Egyptian Presidential elections

And the unofficial Results of Egyptian presidential elections are here and there is no surprise

And the unofficial of results of the Egyptian presidential elections have been announced last night till early hours of morning and it is not big surprise : El-Sisi achieved a big landslide victory. Like all the military presidents of Egypt he scored over 96% according to the unofficial results published on Ahram Online. Exactly he scored 96.9% while his rival Hamdeen Sabahi achieved 3.1%. We expected this victory. The Field Marshal is a president elect now. Of course he will be declared official as president next 5 June “what a date” by EC.Military and the 90s percent … a love story since the 1960s in Egypt. 

Needless to say many got question marks about this massive victory after extending the presidential elections one extra day. Everybody expected el-Sisi’s victory but not massively victory in this way especially when it comes to the turnout when we all witness first hand the polling stations in the . It is all about the turnout , for God’s sake Hala’ib polling station allegedly 40% of the voters showed up !!
Sabahi’s campaign is going to hold a press conference this afternoon. The EU observation commission held a press conference where it cleared stated the mainstream media was biased to El-Sisi and that free elections do not mean fair. They also hinted out that the Presidential elections in Egypt were following the Egyptian Constitution not the international standards though.
Mainstream media is over the moon where TV hosts are filmed dancing celebrating the victory of El-Sisi gloating at January 25th revolution and declaring its death at the same time wondering why the NDP does not come back !!
There are still lots of calculations and tables as well graphs to be done and I have a bloody headache.

In any election in the history of democracy on this earth , people have the right either  to vote or boycott or even to nullify their votes. They are free to do what they want.
And as we do not have an “usual” election in Egypt now especially that we know the results in advance , it seems that the people have not option except to vote otherwise they will be cursed bad traitors who should be insulted on TV , radio and newspapers.
Of course they should also vote for one candidate otherwise they would be also traitors who want to destroy the country !! Officially the Muslim Brotherhood and its voting bloc from Islamist are going to boycott the presidential elections because they recognize Morsi as the legitimate president of Egypt. This is one of the biggest organized voting bloc in Egypt as well the oldest one. Their absence truly will leave it mark. 
Second we got part of the revolutionary bloc decided to boycott these elections because it is considered a farce as we all know that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is going to win the presidential elections and that it will be a return to the Mubrak’s regime. Among that bloc you will find April 6 Youth Movement whose founder is in jail and Strong Egypt Party as well some Pro-ElBaradei supporters and many anarchists. 
And we got El-Sisi telling the public in his last interview that he wanted 40 million voters to head to the polling stations. “The eligible voters in Egypt are nearly 54 million” 
Now the mainstream media is attacking those who decided to boycott madly.

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