Sunday, 8 June 2014

Another dark chapter in Egypt

Presidential Elections Commission announced the results of the presidential elections 2014 officially last week.Field Marshal Abdel Fattah El-Sisi got a landslide victory for 96.9% of the votes while his rival Hamdeen Sabahi got only 3.1% of the votes The official turnout is “47.1%” which is less than in 2012 Presidential elections runoffs “52.1%”  despite all the attempts to increase it through extra day and imposing fines..etc.t is worth to mention that despite admitting that El-Sisi is a winner , Sabahi and his campaign raised question about the numbers of the turnout as well the votes. They officially presented an appeal against extending the election for an extra day demanding PEC to cancel all the votes scored on that day but of course the appeal was rejected.

Egypt is witnessing its second big presidential inauguration within two years , oh yes within two years. After few hours from now newly elected President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi will head to the Supreme Constitutional court in Maadi , Cairo to take the presidential oath in front  of the Judges and a number of Egyptian public figures and statesmen.Needless to say Maadi will be a military zone from 8 AM to 12 PM because El-Sisi will take the oath at 10.30 AM. The red carpets have been set since early Saturday morning at the Supreme Constitutional Court.
The red carpet at the Supreme
Constitution Court 
Then afterwards there will be a big ceremony at El-Koubbeh Palace in Cairo attended by VIPs from Egypt and around the globe. El-Sisi as well Mansour will address the nation tomorrow. 
El-Sisi is not the first Egyptian president to swear at the Supreme Constitutional court because there is no parliament , Morsi did it in 2012. Tahrir square will witness also another celebration by the Pro-Morsi and so it will be also closed in front of traffic. Heavy security deployments are seen in Heliopolis , earlier today there were helicopters hovering all over Cairo. Of course Sunday is a National holiday in Egypt because of the big inauguration day.

It seems that after 47 years of the Six days war defeat many Egyptians have forgotten all the lessons they learned for an expensive price they paid with blood and land.
After 47 years the Egyptians returned back to the same reasons that made us lose in what can be described as the worst military defeat in the Egyptian modern history in the 20th history.
Once again they allow the army to get busy in politics as well economy , once again they let the mainstream media deceive them with cheap nationalism slogans and hypocrisy, once again they idolize a mortal military making him immortal savoir. Once again cheap populism is taking the country.
Now nobody dares to question a decision taken by the regime just like the 1960s , nobody dares to say a different opinion otherwise he or she will be a traitor.
In 1967 it was not only about warfare but it was about a series of bad leadership in Egypt that nobody dared to criticized for fear of dictatorship. Same headlines are back in the newspapers , same ideas are back , even in politics we see now a new modern one Party Socialist Union in making to provide a so-called political cover for the new elected president.
Now amazingly the 1967 Generation is the same generation right now idolizing Field Marshal El-Sisi as the savior of not only of Egypt but the Arab world if not the world who stood against the American imperialism !!
That 1967 generation had a dream that saw it turning in to a nightmare in that summer and despite it achieved victory in 1973 and despite they had 47 years to restore that dream they failed and yet they insist to continue pursing it. That generation is always speaking about its dream in that bloody summer of 1967 , just check all the renowned writers , intellectuals and poets’ interviews in the past few months. You will find that lost dream there.Amazingly that old generation does not realize that it is killing the dreams of other generations that came after it, especially the young generation which has got its own dreams for its own time.I fear that the old generation dream of 1967 will make  repeat the same defeat in a different way and unfortunately the only generations that will pay the price are the younger generations as usual.

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