Friday, 4 July 2014


Few days ago we heard Social media putting a alot rumours about the son of CCM elite by name January Makamba.    Deputy Minister of Communication, Science and Technology January Makamba has kick-started the race to succeed President Jakaya Kikwete, saying he will offer his candidature for the top seat in the 2015 General Election.Mr Makamba declared he was 90 per cent certain he would contest the seat come next year, when the current office bearer’s term expires.Mr Makamba, son of former CCM Secretary General Yusuf Makamba, told BBC’s Dira ya Dunia on Wednesday night that his decision to contest the top seat was driven by pressure from the  people.But the reality Makamba has no Leadership or show Tanzanians what have done to them except writing the speech to the current President , While Makamba was at the state house he was tempted and saw him self was ready to be President but Few Quiestions are not answered  about the man who think if he can go Mwanza and meet boda boda youth and take picture with them will make him be ready to be Presidential candidate.In 2012 Makamba try to put his name on International media to test the water see how he try to market his name Makamba on Forbe Magazine.Senior cabinet minister Stephen Wassira, basking in post-Budget recess at in his constituency, has lashed out at frenetic moves by some youthful politicians and their supporters to raise the age factor as a positive element in their bid for high positions in next year’s general elections. Wassira, aged 69, said that basically what Judge Warioba said were his personal views as there is no such qualification in CCM when the party searches for its presidential flag bearer. The Minister of State in the President’s Office responsible for Civil Society Relations and Coordination, appeared to take on former Prime Minister Joseph Warioba who was mid this week quoted by some newspapers as affirming that the country needs a youthful president. “Neither being elderly makes one a good president nor being youthful,” he said.
I will call Makamba is the project of someone who is ready to Invest on him and rob our country Makamba and secret donors. I will be very suspicious for the people who invest on Kikwete Campaign are now are runing out of time and now they are looking for new Project to rob the country  .as aa blogger I can compare January Makamba same to the curent Dictator pf Egypt I beilive he will be ruthless dictator who believe him self as a strong man .
 He added: “I have made up my mind about 90 per cent...there are minor issues I still need to iron out. I need to talk to the elders, the clergy and retired leaders on how best to approach this thing....”The Bumbuli MP (CCM) added: “When you are asked to contest such a respected post by diverse groups of people across the country, you need to think properly.”Asked who he considered the right man to succeed President Kikwete, he said: “This post needs a person from CCM...In our party we have procedures on how to find the right candidate...the next 10 years will have specific challenges which need fresh blood.”The deputy minister, who is in London for a telecommunications forum, stressed that the next president should be someone with new thinking on how to raise the country to the next level.
His announcement comes barely four months since his party reprimanded him alongside five other CCM senior members for campaigning for the top job “prematurely”.Others who were cautioned then were former Prime Ministers Edward Lowassa and Fredrick Sumaye, Foreign Affairs and International Relations Minister Bernard Membe, the minister for State in the President’s Office (Social Relations and Coordination), Mr Stephen Wassira and former Minister William Ngeleja.In response to a question on why he made his big announcement while in the UK, the youthful politician said; “I was in an interview and got asked...I decided to make it clear.”  The deputy minister declared that his record, after only a few years as the MP for Bumbuli, speaks volumes. He claimed to have reduced his voters’ problems by about 90 per cent.Mr Makamba, who once was President Jakaya Kikwete’s speech writer, said health centres had been built in his constituency but the problem was lack of health personnel.
nd the construction of the district hospital was in the final stages of completion.  All 89 villages in the constituency have also been surveyed in readiness for electricity connection, he added. Mr Makamba, who will be 41 next year, told journalists that it was important for politicians to be close to their electorate and come up with solutions to their problems together.On the presidency, he said; “For instance, you go to Maswa, Liwale, Simanjiro and Wete and the message you get is that you are fit for the job (the presidency)...but also elders, the youth and religious leaders all say you can unite Tanzanians...that is serious and you have to think about it and take action.”Should he fail to clinch the presidency, he will go back to work with the voters, he added, as President Kikwete did when he lost to Mr Benjamin Mkapa in 1995. Mr Makamba was of the opinion that the constitution review process should be suspended until after the General Election.

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