Monday, 30 March 2015

Latest results from Nigeria

Nice little graph of the results until now from contributor.

The Independent National Electoral Commission has announced results for 8 states and the FCT, Abuja. So far, the PDP is leading with 2,332,734 votes while APC has 2,302,978 votes which is a difference of 29,756 votes.In terms of states won, the APC has so far won five states and PDP four states. Another requirement for victory is that the winning party has 25% in at least 24 states. So far, the PDP has more than 25% in 8 states, while the APC has more than 25% in 7 states.
Ekiti State176,466120,331
Ogun State207,950308,290
Enugu State553,00314,157
Kogi State149,987264,851
Osun State249,929383,603
Ondo State251,368299,889
Oyo State303,376528,620
Nassarawa State273,460236,838

The commission has reconvened to 8pm tonight to allow sufficient time for other states to bring in their results. We are still expecting results for 28 states. Stay tuned!
Here are the results for Plateau State based on the official INEC announcements of the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election results from each state in Nigeria.
Professor Emmanuel Kocha, the VC, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, the Returning Officer of INEC for Plateau state, announced the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election results.
We’ll bring the complete compilation once it is all over. Since it is a two horse race between General Muhammadu Buhari (APC) & Jonathan Ebele Goodluck (PDP), we have highlighted APC results in green; PDP results in blue
AA – 178
ACPN – 391
AD – 279
ADC – 406
APA – 618
APC – 429,140
CPP – 237
HOPE – 56
KOWA – 138
NCP – 693
PDP – 549,615 (PDP Wins)
PPN – 554
UDP – 54
UPP – 29
Other Statistics:
Total valid votes: 982,388
Rejected votes: 18,304
Total votes cast: 1,000,692LGAs: 17
Political Parties: 14

Registered voters: 1,977,211
Accredited voters: 1,076,833
Places Where Elections Did Not Hold: NonePUs Affected: NoneVoters Affected: None

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