Monday, 13 February 2017

Lesson for Paul Makonda

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Lesson for Paul Makonda ,Before executing a major policy, like drug experienced and effective political operations lay the necessary groundwork to ensure that when they do have to fight, they will do so on the most favorable ground. First, they engage in extensive behind-the-scenes consultation to understand the landscape, with an eye toward learning about the array of potential consequences. They then investigate the political, legal, and practical obstacles to implementation, and figure out which tweaks can neutralize opponents and sidestep judicial challenges. They start narrow to deprive opponents of sympathetic plaintiffs and only Lesson broaden the policy later, when the high-profile battle is won. Then when the opposition is disorganized and demoralized, and its fear-mongering discredited, you come back for more.Image result for paul makonda pictures

Basically, if you want to establish effective, lasting change, you do the opposite of what the Magufuli administration has done, There were many Tanzanians  willing to give the Magufuli administration the benefit of the doubt. 
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But instead of depriving their opponents like Chadema main opposition party Chairman Mr Mbowe and Young African Sports Club Chairman aka( Manji ) and Reverent Gwajima  ufufuo church it exploded in Makonda face on past Sunday at Ufufuo church serviceled by Gwajima.

Makonda One man show!

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But governing poses a different set of challenges than campaigning or  News Brief or naming style of drug aka Majina ya wauza unga feki . Instead of destroying a series of opponents, it requires that you patiently build broad coalitions. At least, that’s how governing typically works.Over the weekend, a theory emerged as to why Makonda naming order or arresting  order had caused so much chaos.
 Although it might seem as though the Magu administration was simply incompetent,or dont know the rule of law this theory maintains that there was a more cynical thought process at work. If certain people in the Magu state House really are spoiling for a fight, it’s a fight they won’t be able to win.

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