Thursday, 13 February 2014


CHAIRMAN of the Constitutional Reform Commission (CRC), Judge Joseph Warioba, has defended the three-tier government union, saying it will reduce running costs compared to the current structure of the union. Speaking to editors in Dar es Salaam, Judge Warioba said the proposed three-tier government union by his commission does not mean to betray the union's founders, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Abeid Karume, but address loopholes in the current union structure.

He said the long-standing stand-off over the union government was because of the two-government structure which, he said, had made the running costs extremely huge since the leaders had to meet frequently to address union matters. "Are you aware of how often government leaders meet per year? Do you know how frequently government and ministry executives meet in addressing union matters? The costs are very high. A threegovernment union will reduce unnecessary costs," he said.He said under the three-tier government union, ministries under the union government will be very few since issues which were increasinng operational costs would have been eliminated. Under the three government union, Judge Warioba said, the only cost will be in the areas of defence and national security, home affairs and foreign affairs."Since under the three-tier government, the union cost will be in the ministries of defence and national security, home affairs an foreign affairs, which are there under the current structure, where will the extra costs being complained about come from," he wondered.
He insisted that there will be no ministries on union matters, thus further reducing operational costs. "I want to assure you that the cabinet will be nuclear, which will further cut down costs," he said, adding: "Why should the three government union structure be looked at as increasing unnecessary costs while the same people who are complaining are begging for the introduction of new regions and districts on a daily basis?" "We need to have a threetier government union. Each side should have its own government that will handle its own affairs, in addition to the one which will be responsible for the overall management of fundamental issues within the union," the judge said. He said the drafting of the Tanganyika constitution will not take more than three months, saying most of work has already been done by the CRC. "We can, if we want, have a constitution of Tanganyika before the end of the year since next year's general elections need to be guided by that document," said Judge Warioba.On betraying Nyerere over the proposal, Judge Warioba said, "A lot has been said about this. I do not believe that Mwalimu was against positive changes.
Although he was a believer in a single party, when time was up he advocated multipartism." Judge Warioba said the union is meant for the people of both countries and not of political leaders and it is their viewthat there be a three government union structure.If the Constituent Assembly rejects the draft, Judge Warioba said, they will betray the people and in so doing they will have to justify their decisions. However, he said it was the citizens who have the final say over the draft constitution and not the constituent assembly, since they will vote to agree or disagree with the draft recommendations.

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