Thursday, 6 March 2014


State Minister (Union Affairs) Samia Hassan Suluhu has announced her intention to vie for the Vice Chairman’s post in the Constituent Assembly.Samia made the announcement earlier this week in Dodoma when responding to journalists soon after her briefing on the commemorations to mark 50 years of the 1964 union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.“I have held several ministerial positions since 2005…I have been dealing with union matters for four years now…I will not fail to manage the CA  for only 70 days,” said the confident and well seasoned State Minister. 
Highlighting several Union matters State Minister Samia said that despite the many achievements realized since the union was formed in 1964, there have been a considerable number of challenges that have rocked the union. She pointed out unawareness of union issues among the public and shortage of funds to implement union agendas as key challenges along with controversies in Laws that hinder the implementation of various union initiatives.
“There have been a lot of developmental suggestions by the Union Legal Committee but there have been little implementation due to the contradistinctions of the laws on both sides,” she said. According to her: “Attainment of the new Constitution will be the solution for the contradicting laws in the country...”“Since with the new Mother Law,” she explained “…all parts of the Union shall be required to amend its Laws to suit with the new Constitution of the Union.”As for achievements attained in the 50 years of the union’s existence, Samia spoke of peace in the country followed by development of democracy and observance of human rights. Further, according to her, the political situation in the country is increasingly free and fair compared to the earlier years of unification.Samia is also of the view that education and legal services in the country have improved since formation of the union some five decades ago. To back up her views, she said the number of universities has increased from 5 universities in 1964 to the current 63 of which 5 are in Zanzibar.The Union’s 50 years anniversary shall be marked on April 26 in Dar es Salaam accompanied by the inauguration of different development and symposiums designed to raise awareness of Union matters and to create a sense of Pan-Africanism.

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