Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Garissa University Attack: How Female Students Were Tricked By Al Shabaab Terrorists

Female students were tricked by al Shabaab militants in a rather wicked and brutal way, according to one eye witness who saw the whole horror play out right in front of his eyes.

When the shooting started female students hurriedly took refuge in their women's hall, under bed and in cupboards. One of the terrorists shouted out to them to come out from hiding if they wanted to live.

"Or you can call you fathers to save you," they taunted.

He quickly added that according to their Islam religion they were not allowed to harm women. And so it was perfectly safe for them to come out of hiding. This was quite believable because during the Mpeketoni attack by al Shabaab only men were targeted while women and children were spared.

The female students all crowded into their women's hall at Garissa University also believed it and emerged from hiding. Many of them came down the stairs to where the militants were waiting. Some of them were scantily dressed. The brutal terrorists waited patiently until they were all gathered together and then opened fire spraying bullets several times into the crowd and killing a vast majority of the innocent female students.

This is one of the reasons why the majority of the dead students were female.

It seems that the militants have different rules for different attacks because during the Westgate siege they killed women and children some of whom were Muslim

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