Sunday, 13 December 2015

Drama as Raila is Locked Inside Office

A dramatic scene was on Thursday witnessed at Raila Odinga's Capitol Hill office, when detectives from the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) stormed the premises.
The Opposition leader had declined to honour summons presented to him regarding the EuroBond Saga, prompting EACC officers to go after him at his office.
The detectives insisted that they had to meet Odinga in person and deliver the summons for the second time.
Mr Odinga however, for the second time declined to receive or acknowledge the summons, stating that he would not be compelled to do anything against his will.
“I take a lot of exception that an officer of the commission, writing such a contemptous letter to me, reminding of consequences if I do not present myself at the so called Integrity House (Centre). I’ve said I will not go. I will not be compelled, I will not be intimidated and blackmailed by an officer of EACC.” he said while addressing the media.
Mr Odinga stated that the officers were too junior for him, adding that he was aware that whistle blowers were protected. He added that if the government wanted anything from him, “they must be civil".
“EACC is supposed to be independent. That’s why it should be headed by commissioners but does not have them. It is like a chicken without a head,” he said.
The officials who claimed that they had instead been detained by Mr Odinga, called for more officers to help them calm the situation. The second group of officers blocked all the exits of the building with their cars, trapping Mr Odinga in his office building.
With his lawyers and other CORD leaders including Senators James Orengo, Johnsone Muthama, Moses Wetangula and Bonnie Khalwale, the Opposition Chief later left the building and walked into the nearby Nairobi Club, where they are said to have held a meeting.
In one of the summon letters signed by EACC Chair Halakhe Wako, Mr Odinga was ordered to present himself at the EACC headquarters to divulge information on the Eurobond saga.
"...I require you to attend before me at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Headquarters Police Station on 14th DECEMBER 2015 at 10.00AM without fail for further directions," the read in part.
The EACC officials claimed that Mr Odinga had failed to heed to an order that was issued earlier on Thursday morning, therefore had to hand over the summons to his office. Mr Odinga had previously told off the commission, asking them to first conduct primary investigations before seeking his input.

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