Sunday, 1 October 2017

CUF Leader (Hon. Ali Juma Suleiman) dies after assault by Zombies

30 September

CUF  leader Ali Juma Suleiman died the day before yesterday while receiving treatment at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, after being beaten and wounded on several parts of his body by Zombies.
It was explained that late on Tuesday night of this week, at around midnight, unidentified persons assaulted and abducted this leader at his home, then took him to an undisclosed location.

Video above explain how he was kinapped in his mid night .Witnesses say that the assailants had traditional weapons, and that they injured him then dumped his body in the forest at Masingini in Mwera District.
Ali Juma Suleiman’s burial was held yesterday at Mwanakwerekwe, attended by numerous CUF leaders, with Secretary General, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad in the lead.
CUF members and many other Zanzibaris carried the bier from Mtoni to Mwanakwerekwe on foot, which, given the distance between these places (6 km), was remarkable.
At the home of the deceased, CUF Deputy Chief Secretary Nassor Ahmed Mazuri, said that this incident was saddening, and he urged security organs to do their job and identify the perpetrators.
He accused the government, saying, “The government’s responsibility is to protect its citizens, but the government has been significantly incapable of fulfilling this duty.”
He urged the people to stop involving themselves in disturbances, and to heed their leaders’ directives.
Mazrui said that Suleiman had been at the forefront of party activities, and that, before he died, he issued a solemn charge to the people: that they refuse to be oppressed.
Police Commander for Urban West Distrcit, Hassan Nassir Ali, said that he is unable to discuss this matter until his officer return from the site of death and make a report.

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