Sunday, 27 October 2013


Being the second event in a tandem of such similar annual events, in Tanzania, the conference ARE focusing on the Oil and Gas Sub-Sector. The main objective of the event is to avail a platform for stakeholders to share their practices and experiences in,and to disseminate information to the wider public on  the Oil and Gas industry in Tanzania and worldwide.

Specifically the Conference will seek to:
(a)    Create a forum for stakeholder to deliberate and influence the status, prospects and development of the industry;
(b)    Benchmark the local institutional, policy, legal and regulation framework guiding the oil and gas sector;
(c)    Disseminate information and promote awareness of the potential of the oil and gas in the development of Tanzania.

The event will therefore be marked by a plenary sessions, paper presentations, poster sessions and exhibitions. The Conference Series are self-funding through delegates’ registrations and other forms of sponsorship. The organizers therefore wish to invite all forms of sponsorship from individuals, institutions and organizations for smooth facilitation of the Conference programme activities.
Conference Thematic Priorities
  1. Challenges and prospects of oil and gas industry
  2. Developing and harnessing oil and gas potentials
  3. Sustainable Exploitation and Utilization of oil and gas
  4. Institutional, policy, legal and regulation framework
  5. Technology issues (upstream, midstream and downstream)
  6. Capacity building
  7. Environmental and safety issues
  8. Awareness raising
  9. Business, taxation and Finance

Large amounts of foreign investments have been injected into the East African oil and gas industry due to recent offshore discoveries and government policies for monetising the region’s reserve. These changes have propelled East Africa as the next lucrative market in the international oil, gas and LNG market.

Major oil and gas companies have expanded their business into this under-explored region. In July 2012, PTT Exploration and Production outbid Royal Dutch Shell for the $US1.9 billion takeover bid of Cove Energy, giving the company access to massive gas reserves off the East African coast. BG Group and Ophir Energy have also discovered gas off the coast of Tanzania this year.

Join major companies, along with senior government officials, regulatory bodies and associations at the East Africa Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference, taking place onNovember 2014 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania who will discuss new commercial opportunities, geopolitical challenges, recent developments, case studies on successful explorations and community engagement strategies. Key countries that will be covered include Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique.

Listen to Business man R. Mengi on his complain on gas exploration which he complain about the government is not  empower local  people on this sector.
Listen interview with him below.

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